Five Minute Friday - FIGHT

Five Minute Friday

I'm joining in for my first time tonight on Five Minute Friday. The prompt for this week is "fight." 

The word "fight" has a negative connotation for me. It makes me think of arguments, bickering, picking each other apart...things I hate. I don't like to fight. {Well, does anyone *really* like to fight? I doubt it.} I've always been a peacemaker among my friends and family. I want everyone to get along and I absolutely HATE having to confront someone about something. I'd just as soon keep it to myself.

But I also think of "fight" in another sense - fighting to survive, fighting for our rights, liberty, freedom, and such...and I'm also reminded of a quote - be kind to others, you never know what battles that person is fighting...or something like that. I really like that quote. I don't know what struggles others are going through anymore than they know what I am going through - this is so especially true of moms. I think of all the moms I know - some struggling with finances, or health issues, or bad marriages. We're often quick to judge, to lash out at others and their decisions, to feel like others are judging us...when really we're all in the trenches, fighting battles. We need to treat each other with more kindness & compassion, and show each other more mercy and grace - myself included.


  1. Oh AMEN! Showing love and kindness and showering others with mercy and grace is where it's at. We do not know what someone else is going through. We can never judge another's battles. Stopping over from the 5MF. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. So Much Amen! This is great! So glad you stopped in to the party too! We really are all in the trenches... we all need more mercy and grace!

    I loved this! So glad you joined in!


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