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I'm joining in on Happies & Crappies today, hosted by Steph & Amber. Here's the highlights & lows of my last few weeks!

- I thought I might have the start of a clogged duct last weekend and tried to take care of it myself over the weekend but unfortunately it just got worse. I went to the doctor on Monday and he confirmed it with a diagnosis of mastitis. Ugh. Not fun. However, it is improving and I'm feeling much better. The picture at the top of this post is from when I was sick - Zac was blowing through the living room destroying things while I laid on the couch recovering.

- We had a pretty significant snowstorm blow through about two weeks ago and were stuck in the house for about a week - well, the kids and I were. Hubby did stay home a bit but eventually had to venture out into the weather for work. I know it's the Midwest, it's winter and I knowwww it snows here so I've been trying not to complain...but the frigid temps and whiteouts and snow every couple days gets old when you're out in the country and can't get out of the house. Here's a few pictures of the snow:

- This week I joined in the Homeschooling Essentials Blog Hop and wrote a series of posts all related to the essentials of homeschooling: Day 1 - Studies // Day 2 - Supplies // Day 3 - Spaces // Day 4 - Socializing // Day 5 - Schedules

- Zac is finally over all of his sickness! Whew. He started getting sick on Christmas Eve with what I thought might be croup. (He had it several months ago and it's not a sound you forget.) But the urgent care doctor I got him in to deemed it a minor bronchial infection with an ear infection. We did a round of antibiotics and he didn't get any better. Just before the giant snowstorm blew through, I was able to get him into our regular doctor who agreed with me that it was croup and gave him a steroid shot. He only got worse though - poor fella had green goop coming out of his eyes, was dripping with snot, and kept waking up wheezing at night. :( So when we were finally able to venture out, I took him to the doctor yet AGAIN. They told me his ear was infected (again, or perhaps never cleared up the first time) and that he seemed to have a virus of some kind. They gave us a stronger antibiotic and that cleared it right up.

- Also on the Zac front...he's walking! Video HERE. I can't believe it. He's still so tiny to me! Don't even get me started on his first birthday being next month...I'll start weeping uncontrollably. Oh, and Zeke has started piano lessons - video of his first one HERE. He's doing really good and is excited to practice each day.

- Tomorrow I'm going to be attending my first official doula class. It's all about breastfeeding and I'm pretty excited. Now if the weather will just cooperate...
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