Homeschool Essentials - Schedules

This week I'm joining up with the Schoolhouse Review Crew to share my 5 Days of Homeschool Essentials. Today I'm going to be discussing schedules.

Homeschool mommas - which of these sounds most like you?
  1. You are a person who thrives on organization in your homeschool. You meticulously plan everything out. You have a planner written out with checklists and no one gets to play until they're all marked off!
  2. You're a list person but not a crazy List Dictator. You make a list of things that need done, but don't fret about them not all getting done. You get the majority of it done, anyway.
  3. You go where the wind takes you. Sometimes things get done, sometimes they don't. You start on one task but end up on another halfway down the list and don't accomplish nearly as much as planned.
None of those are completely right or wrong. Whatever type of person you are, there is a schedule that will work for you. Or perhaps a routine! Amy from Raising Arrows wrote a great post (The To-Do List - Schedule or Routine?) that explains more about the differences between routines and schedules and how to discern which type you are prone to. I highly recommend reading it before you start planning your schedule.

There are so many different ways to organize your homeschool day, month, and year that I hesitate to suggest any of them. I will however pass along my How-To and Organization Pinterest board that is chock full of different types of scheduling posts - glean what you can from it, use what works, and toss what doesn't!

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials
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  1. I love organizing. :-) The Pinterest board link is a great idea!


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