Looking Back at 2013 & Looking Forward to 2014

2013 was a very interesting and busy year. Here's some highlights:

- Last year started off...well, interesting I guess. Have a look for yourself: A Not So Peaceful Start to the Year
- One of the biggest blessings to happen was the homebirth of our handsome Zachariah. Everything went beautifully. He's now ten months old and SO ready to run around!
- Ellie had her fourth birthday just a week after Zac was born and started preschool in August. Zeke had his eighth birthday and started second grade, also in August. Our homeschool schedule was a little more hit or miss than I'd like at the beginning of the year - due to a new family member and home renovations - but I strived to do at least one educational thing every single day (even weekends) and I think that helped.
- Both of the bigger kids went to 4H Camp this past summer and enjoyed the fair. Zeke also played baseball in the spring/summer and soccer in the fall. The kids also participated in our local homeschool group's Book Club in the fall and Zeke got to play the part of Bilbo in their version of "The Hobbit." He was overjoyed of course. :)
- Hubby graduated with his Bachelors Degree this past May and we really enjoyed attending his commencement ceremony. He's still employed (always a good thing!) and working hard.
- Our house underwent some MAJOR renovations that were unplanned but it's all worked out okay. A freak rain shower that passed through while our roof was being worked on ruined the ceilings and walls of our bedroom and Ellie's. However, we were able to rearrange the rooms a bit and made them both bigger - much better for us in the long run.
- I lost a lot of weight this year! Yay! And one of the main things I owe it to is breastfeeding. I was successfully able to breastfeed Zac after fretting needlessly about it. And I blogged about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of it all as well.

2014 looks like it's going to be an interesting year also. Hubby and I did a lot of talking while he was off work during the holidays and I'm so happy for us both to be on the same page about getting better organized. I hesitate to even mention that as I really bit off more than I could chew last year on my "words for the year." (Note to anyone else - choosing consistency and peace as your "words for the year" in the year that you're going to have a baby may not be a wise choice! Just FYI.) Today and yesterday though, we spent time going through papers and sorting out a lot of stuff in our house and I'm feeling very inspired.
As far as the rest of our lives go - the kids are going to keep me busy with their schooling, activities, sports, and clubs. I will be looking into third grade and kindergarten curriculum for them in the fall and I already have some ideas for what I want to do. I also just recently started my doula training and will be attending my first workshop in the spring. I'm hoping to be shadowing/working with some other doulas and moms this summer/fall. I'm over halfway through my reading list and can't wait to get more involved in helping mommas!

Here's to a great year.

Looking Back at 2013

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