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Every Friday here at Wonderfully Chaotic is Feature Friday where I showcase a different blog or business. If you're interested in being featured, send me an email {can find it on my contact page} and make the subject line "Q&A." (Featured blogs/businesses must abide by the rules of my ads & sponsors.) Today's featured blog is written by a fellow TOS Review Crew Member, Annette. She blogs at A Net in Time, Fish and Cans, and also has a business blog, At Home Pets. Read on to learn more about her and her blogs!

First off, tell me a little about yourself, your family, and your blog.
My name is Annette, I have a pastor hubby and an eight year old boy. I blog mostly about homeschooling stuff, I occasionally take detours into commenting on a news article or faith issues, but homeschooling is mostly where it's at for me. I blog mainly at A Net In Time (http://anetintimeschooling.weebly.com/a-net-in-time-blog.html). This blog is predominately about homeschooling though I throw some family stuff in there as it often spills over. :) I also have a set of blogs called Fish and Cans (http://fishandcans.weebly.com).  I blog about faith issues, family and critters. 
Why did you start blogging? Has that changed any since?
I started blogging oh my...years ago. I've had a variety of blogs over the years, and currently maintain three consistently and two more inconsistently. :) My homeschool blog and my business blog are the ones I maintain the most frequently. I started just blogging about family stuff to keep family and friends informed, from there that morphed into doing specific blogs. I started blogging about homeschooling as a way to track what we are doing. Rather than doing the whole pen and paper approach I can write about what we do and hopefully encourage other homeschoolers in the process. We all have our own unique style, and perhaps my style will be of help to someone else. :)
What do you blog about the most?
I blog about the things we do the most. What we've accomplished in the course of a day, things that my lad has done that have surprised me, mostly just our homeschooling journey. I try to connect with some freebies that I find along the way, or places with good deals, books that I've read. I do alot more of that lately...just review books that I've read so that others know some of what is on my shelf. I enjoy sharing/teaching others and I hope that my blog conveys some of that. Being part of the TOS review crew I have the fun of reviewing curricula and it's a hoot and a blessing to us in our homeschool journey. (Agreed!)

How did you decide on the name of your blog?
My name is Annette and I've been teased off and on for YEARS about going fishing with A Net...so I thought that making a play on my name would be fun, takes the sting of the fun of being teased. And what I try to do with much of blog is focus on a day or moment in time...so A Net In Time seemed a natural name choice to me. People tell me it was "clever" however I wasn't trying for clever I was trying for fun. :)

What are your top/favorite 3-4 posts, and why
One of the current favourites is this one - Blogging through the alphabet, O is for Opportunities
It's summarizes how I try to homeschool...taking advantage of opportunities. :)

Building a frog habitat

I love this post...it is SO much my boy and his interests and helping him meet his objective. We still have the toad! :)

A Nest for Celeste

I picked this review because my son adored this book. It is well written with good artistic drawings.

Anything else you'd like us to know?
My business blog is located here - At Home Pets. There I write about my rabbits, guinea pigs and the like.  I post links to helpful videos, talk up my critters and go on from there. :)

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