Wordless Wednesday: Daredevil Boy



  1. Read through your Day in the Life post and I am so not a morning person either! I think your blog name is so cute and accurately describes our life right now, too : ) However, just wanted to comment here as this picture gave me a good chuckle; my little baby boy is my daredevil, too-- so is my 2 year old daughter. As I am writing all this I realize we both have boy, girl, boy. My son is 6, daughter is 2, and baby boy is 1 : ) Stopping by from BYB!

  2. Oooooo, I remember those days! So so precious and curious :)

  3. Looks my little one! Baby E is 18 months old and she is a daredevil herself, quite the climber and has no fear! I see a gymnastics class in her future :) You have a beautiful family, and I love your page on your writing works, I am definitely going to add something like that to my blog as well! Stopping by with BYB!


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