5 Days of Birth & Babies - Day 1: A Week of B's!

This week I'm participating in the "5 Days of..." Bloghop with the Schoolhouse Review Crew where I'll be talking about the subject - Birth & Babies! Each day this week I'll be talking about a different birth or baby related subject that starts with a B. :) I am currently in training to become a doula so pretty much everything I've been reading recently is about birth, babies, pregnancy, labor, delivery...you get the picture. As I'm learning, I'm realizing just how much I DIDN'T know the first time around as a new momma, and how much people are still misinformed about some subjects! I'll be sharing lots of facts & figures, plus information that can help you, whether you're a new or "veteran" mom. Stay tuned!

Day 1 - A Week of B's!
Day 2 - Bumps
Day 3 - Birth
Day 4 - Babies
Day 5 - Beyond

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  1. Bs- a fun topic for the series. :-)

  2. I became a doula 9 years ago and I wish I had known that info before starting out as a mom though I went on to use that info as I continued having kiddos (had baby #7 last June). :)


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