Busy Days

I know I've been slacking in the blog department...and I really don't have any excuses. Life is just busily moving along! Next week I will have a whole WEEK of posts - I'm going to be participating in the "5 Days of..." Blog Hop through the Schoolhouse Review Crew and it's going to be a lot of fun. For now, here's what we've been up to recently:

- Spring has finally arrived, as evidenced by our chickens that are laying literally dozens of eggs a week. We have four - I repeat, FOUR chickens - and there were 14 eggs in the hen house today. Craaaazy!

- The kids have been keeping me hopping, of course. I mentioned on Facebook awhile back that Zac was sleeping through the night so he decided to prove me wrong and wake up a gazillion times a night. He's now back to sleeping through the night (shhhhhh....I don't want to say it too loudly!) or waking up once around 3-4 and then going back to bed. He's also practically running now and I'm probably going to have to break down & get him a haircut. (He's developing the mullet Zeke got when he was little, minus the curls!) Zeke is getting ready to start baseball. We also have our LEGO Club going on right now. We're meeting once every two weeks to have show & tell and play LEGOs with homeschool friends. And speaking of homeschool, it's going well. Trying out some new products for the Crew but also taking time to enjoy the sunshine and nature. :)

- Tomorrow I'm excited about a play date we have with a new friend and her baby - okay, so the play date is more for me than the kids but we're going to park so they'll have fun too. :) I met her through a local breastfeeding support group. She's a new stay at home mom and we have a lot in common. She, her husband, and kids were at a dinner we had with friends this past weekend. Our bigger kids spent the night with Gramma & Papa and we had a pitch-in dinner at one of our friends house. I started feeling kind of ill part of the way through the evening so that wasn't fun...but otherwise, we really enjoyed ourselves.

- I got a new babycarrier - well, new to me - and I love it! It was made by a dear friend of mine and we wore it all over while running errands in town yesterday. I'm hoping to attempt the back carry with it this week! (You can see it a little in the picture at the top of this post!)

- Our house is well...never ending. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, food that needs prepared, clothes that need put away, picking up toys, overflowing laundry hampers, counters that need cleaned, getting rid of clutter that always seems to accumulate...not complaining, just sharing. This is an area I still struggle with sometimes. I'm trying to stay on top of meal planning to keep our grocery bills under control - they've been getting a little out of hand recently. And I've started paying some of the bills. This is an area that my husband was primarily in charge of just because it seemed to work out better that way, but I am trying my hand at it to give him a bit of a break.

- This weekend I'm attending my first "official" event as a doula - well, actually two events. The first event is a planning meeting at our local crisis pregnancy center. They're organizing a Walk for Life and I'm going to see how I can help. I'm also going on a tour of the facility and am going to be volunteering my services as doula to girls/young women in need. The second thing I'm going to is a Community Baby Shower Event put on by some local family resource places. I'm going to have a display set up there and will be talking to people about my doula services. As part of my end of unit project I have to talk to people about being a doula and labor support so I figured this would be an ideal opportunity.

So...how have you been, readers? Sound off in the comments with what's new in your life!

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