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I originally found this on Instagram and thought it was a terrific idea…but it took me forever to get all my thoughts together and I'm pretty wordy so I just worked on it a little bit at a time and compiled it all into one post. I should note that my answers are about the new doctors (Nine - Eleven) because they are the ones I have seen every episode of. I've seen quite a few of the older doctors but not all of them. I think ALL the Doctors are important and good, I'm just clarifying that the ones I'm talking about here are the newbies...a little disclaimer for the purists who may stop by. ;) And also obviously these are just my opinions and thoughts, you don't have to agree. So anyway, read on to listen to me pontificate, rant, and rave. I also included some fun Doctor Who gifs and pictures to illustrate my points. Enjoy! :)

1. Favorite Doctor – Eeeek. This is hard. It’s a toss up between Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith). I am a David Tennant fangirl and always will be. Not just because he’s cute with his sticky up hair and gorgeous smile and beautiful accent and and pensive looks...where was I, again?! Ah yes. I also like him for non-physical reasons. For the emotions he brought to light as the Doctor, his relationships with other people, his passion and intensity. He has always been my favorite. But I also love the zany silliness that Matt brought to the character, the way he floats along without a plan at times but still always comes out on top. His relationships with the Ponds, River, and Clara were also funny, sad, and heartwarming. And he's cute too. Heh. I loved seeing Matt & David interact together during the 50th. But if I absolutely HAD to choose...I guess it would be Ten for my favorite with Eleven as a very, very close second. (Edited to add: Nine was my first and will always be special too. You should never skip Nine!)

2. Favorite Companion – This is also a hard one. There are so many things I like about the different companions, different facets that I feel were very important and brought out different things in The Doctor. However, Rose has always been my favorite companion. (Don't even start with me if you're a Rose hater. Just...go away. Rose was my first companion and I like her.) I feel like she and Ten were good for one another - he helped her to see herself as someone important, who could be something more and she helped him to learn to care for someone again. I was so happy to see them finally reunite in the end, albeit a different iteration of Ten. I also loved that she was back for the 50th.

3. Favorite Season - Probably Season/Series Seven. I've loved seeing how Eleven's story has progressed and it has had all of the things I feel are important for it to be a great season - simply hilarious moments ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"), tearjerker stories ("The Angels Take Manhattan") and cliffhangers ("The Name of the Doctor").

4. Least Favorite Companion - Martha. I hate saying that because Martha had a lot of potential and background, and I did enjoy her...but I feel like she was kind of just left to be filler between Rose and Donna. I don't feel like the writers really gave her as much interesting "stuff" as some of the others. She did do some really amazing things, however and I do like that she was so headstrong, that she left of her own volition, and then went on to find happiness.

5. Favorite Monster - Daleks are first with Cybermen being a close second. Both are creatures without emotion, pity, or compassion...but I still like them. And you've gotta admit, the verbal repartee between them during "Doomsday" is HILARIOUS.

6. Favorite Episode - How can I choose *just* one?! Ok, fine. Hmmph. If I had to choose...it would be "Closing Time." I really liked Craig Owens character when we met him in "The Lodger." I wish we'd seen more of him. As a parent, all the talk of parenting and difficulties Craig mentions in the episode is so true to life. And him defeating the Cybermen with love, breaking out of that cyber suit to save his crying baby? That is the power of parenthood and love. I get teary-eyed every. dang. time.

7. Favorite Quote -  

"The good things don’t always soften the bad, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” - The Eleventh Doctor, Vincent and the Doctor

8. Funniest Episode - "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship."

9. Least Favorite Monster - I don't know if this qualifies as a monster...but on "The Waters of Mars" when the people go all zombie-like with black teeth and have water pouring out of their mouths? That freaked me out. Yuck. Bleck. It's still hard for me to watch that episode.

10. Favorite Doctor Catchphrase - "ALLONS-Y!"

11. Favorite Actor - Arthur frakking Darvill. Rory Williams is such an incredible character - "A Good Man Goes to War" anyone?! - and Arthur plays him brilliantly. He's funny and so matter of fact about everything. So loyal and committed to the ones he loves.

12. Favorite Actress - Catherine Tate (Donna) with Alex Kingston (River Song) as a close second. I love Donna. She is probably my second favorite companion - mainly just because she's so darn sassy. She always tells the Doctor exactly what's on her mind, just as it is, no filter. I think that's also why I like River so much. She's another take charge kinda gal who isn't afraid to speak her mind.

(I know there are Donna haters out there too and to you I also say, go away.)

13. Favorite Special Episode - "The Day of the Doctor" is definitely my favorite special. I loooooved The War Doctor and just the whole dang story in this episode. I also loved the interactions between Ten & Eleven and the incorporation of the older doctors. However, "The Next Doctor" is also very high up on my list. David Morrissey AND David Tennant? Mmmmmm. I apparently have a thing for David's. Need I say more? Ok, fine...I'll say more. It was a really intriguing and interesting episode - the beginning hooks you right off the bat as you wonder if this is some other iteration of the Doctor that we haven't yet seen.

14. Least Favorite Special Episode - I don't have a least favorite special episode. However, my least favorite regular episode would probably be "The Waters of Mars." I mentioned it above briefly but this one is my least favorite because it scared the bajeezus out of me. I still have a hard time watching it and seeing the water pouring out of the people's faces. And I know that doesn't SOUND scary...but neither do angel statues, amirite?! The only thing I really do like from this episode is this interaction:

Adelaide: State your name, rank, and intention!
The Doctor: The Doctor. Doctor. Fun.
15. Scariest Episode - BLINK. Waters of Mars is scary but Blink is much scarier, in my opinion. Especially since my oldest son and I watched this episode for the first time together, at night, after the other kids were sleeping. Not a wise idea. I asked him multiple times, "Are you okay? Want me to turn it off?" and he kept saying no, he was fine. However, I myself found it hard to sleep that night and I noticed his light stayed on too.

16. Favorite Couple - Outside of the Doctor? Companion couples? I'm confused so I'll just name several that were my favorite. Ten & Rose, OBVIOUSLY. River & Eleven. Rory and Amy. Pete & Jackie Tyler. (Jackie was another character that I thought was really funny. She may have been flighty and silly at times but she had some great lines - "How rich? How very?")

17. Least Favorite Character - Hmmm. I can't really think of anyone I haven't liked.

18. Favorite Friendship - Bernard Cribbins (a.k.a. Wilfred Mott) and Ten. Wilfred was always such a friendly old fellow and cheery. He was so much fun.

19. Least Favorite Season - I don't think I have one.

20. Saddest Episode - Okay, so I give up and am cheating. It's a two way tie between:

~ "DOOMSDAY." Hands down. I bawl like a baby every frigging time.

~ "The Time of the Doctor." His speech at the end. I just...can't. SO MANY TEARS.

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  1. Awww I love this post! What fun! Love all of your answers and think you are spot on with all of them! Allons-y!


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