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For the Homeschool Crew, we were chosen to review Literature Guides from Progeny Press. More specifically, we were chosen to review Little House in the Big Woods and Frog and Toad Together. Little House is recommended for kids in grades 3 - 5 and Frog and Toad is recommended for K - 3. My kiddos worked on them together and they did great - I have a preschooler/going into kindergarten daughter and a second/going into third grader son. (And a baby, but I'm not counting him for this!)

Each literature guide we received is available in three different versions: a physical book, a CD that comes with a PDF eBook, or a downloadable PDF file. Each version has the same content to be used in the classroom or home. We received the PDF file. Little House in the Big Woods costs $15.99 and Frog and Toad Together is $10.99. Each guide is supposed to take 8-12 weeks to go through (or a page per day) except the early elementary level which may not be as long. (Frog and Toad only took us a week to get through.) Answer keys come with either in the back of a book or in a separate file. A nice thing about the Little House study guide (and the other Upper Elementary and on up guides) was that the PDF was interactive - so if we wanted to, my son could type his answers into the computer and save them as he went. (We preferred to print it out, but that option is nice!)

We had already read Little House in the Big Woods last year but ended up reading it again. My son and I took turns reading the chapters every other day and then doing the activities and questions. He needed help with a word here or there but otherwise did fine. Although he is on the younger side for that particular guide, he had no problem with the activities and questions that followed. He loves history and was enthralled with anything to do with "old times." :) Frog and Toad was also a hit. My son read it aloud to my daughter each day and then we did the activities and questions following it together. The kids especially loved the chapter about their garden - Frog yelling at the seeds to grow cracked my daughter up so much. :) The questions over the story were very thorough and made sure that the children understood what they were reading. Each chapter incorporated scripture and a Biblical message which I greatly appreciated. The activities included were fun and simple - making cookies similar to ones we had read about, making our own butter, carving something out of a bar of soap, making a list of things to do, and planting flowers.

Progeny Press Review Progeny Press Review

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