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Kinder Cottage Review

As part of the Review Crew, we were given the opportunity to choose two picture books about Peter Rabbit from Kinder Cottage Publishing. Our family received The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit at the Farm. Kinder Cottage was established by Howard and his wife Ann in 2012 to help their children have a love for literature, history, culture, and the Christian faith and to help other parents do the same.

The books in their Peter Rabbit series are adaptations of the original stories that were written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus Company in the 1900s. Available titles are: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit at the Farm, Peter Rabbit’s Christmas, How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea, Peter Rabbit Goes A-Visiting, Peter Rabbit’s Easter, Peter Rabbit’s Birthday, When Peter Rabbit Went to School, Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy, and Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper. They are full of colorful pictures and although the stories are the same, some of the text has been updated to be a bit more modern. The books are geared towards children in the 3-9 age range and feature Peter Rabbit getting up to all kinds of adventures. Each book has approximately 50 - 60 pages with a sentence or two on one page and illustrations on the next, and costs $4. There are also samples of each book available on the Kinder Cottage Publishing website.

My kids love the story of Peter Rabbit - and it's honestly one of my favorites too. My Grandma used to read it to me every time I stayed at her house as a child. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was just as they remembered hearing the story before - Peter sneaking around Mr. McGregor's garden, almost getting caught, losing his buttons, and missing out on blackberries for supper!

Peter Rabbit at the Farm was a new one for us. In it, Peter meets many different animals from Mr. McGregor's farm, splashes into a pond, laughs at lambs, meets a big dog, and gets into some more trouble, of course! Both books were adorable and my baby, five year old, and eight year old all enjoyed them reading them together. These are the perfect type of book to use for a bedtime story. The books are also very affordable and are available as a set. Kinder Cottage also offers an Oz series, Advent items, and a new history biography series. I would definitely purchase books from them!

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