Who writes this blog again?

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. Let me detail the reasons for my absence:

#1 - Zac sleeps in the room with the computer. Therefore, it's pretty much impossible to do any writing once he has gone to bed or during (the rare and elusive) nap time. You can't sit in here and type if he's trying to sleep. And if he's awake it's pretty hard to keep him away from the keyboard if I'm typing on it - he hears the clickety clack and goes nuts, running over and trying to bash his little fists into it. He is a very, very, very busy boy. (Did I say very?) He doesn't like to sit still and is constantly getting into things.

#2 - I'm pregnant! The first trimester is always my ugliest. My face breaks out, my hair looks greasy, and the morning sickness makes me want to sleep all day - i.e. I'm probably in pajamas most days. I've also started to bloat or perhaps my diastasis is just showing up more but I already look three months pregnant. Meh. However, this month we see the midwife so there's that to look forward to.

#3 - I've got other kids that have a gazillion things going on. Zeke is playing baseball so he has games and practices, Ellie just started gymnastics, they're both doing 4H Camp, and then we have our homeschool group and friends we try to get together with. I've really tried not to overload our schedule and spread things out pretty evenly but I screwed up for the end of May/beginning of June.

#4 - I'm a doula! I attended at a looooooong birth this past weekend and therefore was away from home quite a bit. I've also been working on my certification which means lots of reading and assignments. And I've been participating in health fairs/community events, networking, and talking to a lot of different people.

#5 - I got an article published! You can read it here in the Summer issue of the IAHE Informer.

#6 - I try to clean my house every once in awhile and make it presentable. After this weekend it's not looking so hot. Yeah, so I'm off to do that now...

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