What We've Been Up To

Remember me complaining about being busy awhile back? Well, our busy stuff has come and gone...and I still haven't had time to write! However, we've been enjoying summer and getting ready to gear up for a new year of school. Here's what we've been up to recently:
  • I got a haircut! Now this isn't NEWS per say...but I got bangs and I haven't had them in a long time. So it was quite a change.
  • My husband had a week and a half or so of vacation. This was great because he works a LOT! And working nights, it sometimes feels like we're just passing each other by on our separate ways. 
  • We went to Nebraska for a long weekend/family reunion. While we were there the kids enjoyed swimming, watching gazillions of fireworks out our hotel window - seriously! you could see them going off for MILES! - and visiting the Strategic Air and Space Museum. The family reunion was fun (but hot!) and the car ride was actually not too bad until the way home when they baby had enough driving. And even then, he still didn't do too awfully bad.
  • We also took a trip to Holiday World in Southern Indiana. Definitely going to have to go back and see all the things we missed. The kids really loved it - especially Splashin' Safari. All three got in the wave pool - even Zac was trying to charge out into the water. Ellie actually ventured out more, which is an accomplishment since she's been kind of scared of pools this summer. And I can't believe how adventurous Zeke has gotten...he wants to go on pretty much every single ride.
  • We attended a Danville Dans game which Zeke loved. (He has said he'd like to be a baseball player when he grows up. Not sure that will happen but hey, the kid can dream!) 
  • My husband and Zeke went to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield while the younger kids and I went to Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day. Although some people I know thought it was so corny or cheesy, it was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast.
  • Zeke had his awards ceremony for baseball. He was also asked to play in another tournament (kind of an end of season thing) that is going to be happening next weekend.
  • I have started volunteering at our local pregnancy center one day a week. I'm in training to be a counselor and am really enjoying it so far.
  • We moved our computer/desk/office stuff out into our kitchen/entryway so we can actually use it more now! Huzzah!
  • I've got all the kids school stuff ready, the first month or so planned out, and we are hopefully going to be starting this coming Monday! I've moved their stuff to the dining room so we can make use of our dining room table. I'll have a post up next week (or possibly during the weekend) about what we are using this year.
  • Zeke and I had some dental work done last week. He did wonderful. I had a day or so of pain but am feeling much better now. Ellie also has her very first dentist appointment coming up on Monday and she's pretty darn excited. Hopefully it stays that way!
  • We had another midwife appointment this week and everything is going swimmingly. Got to hear the little babe's heartbeat again - in the lower 150's, upper 140's - which is always a blessing. Next week sometime I'll have my 16 week update up! Can you believe it?! Time flies.

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