Baby #4: Week 16

Today's Date: August 2, 2014
How many weeks pregnant? 16 weeks today.

Which trimester are you in? Second! Woot! Second is usually my most productive trimester.
Bump photo: See above! My "bump stickers" started at Week 12 but I didn't really get a chance for a picture until almost Week 13. (Not that that made a huge difference.) Not a lot had changed though since my Week 10 update so I didn't blog. The next one was Week 16 and things have changed some since then so I figured it was worth an update. :) I also apparently like pink shirts - two different ones in my photos! Haha.
How big is baby? Baby is currently the size of an avocado!

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Pregnancy symptoms: Nausea has been cut down quite a bit - I still am occasionally sick in the morning but it's slowing down. Hormonal - feeling kind of up and down, angry about dumb things, sad about dumb things. Tummy is growing! See more on that below.
Cravings/Aversions: I'm loving fruit. And desserts of many kinds. :)
Best moment this week: Midwife visit for sure. They're always a highlight but this week was especially nice because I got to hear the heartbeat again. It was in the upper 140's - lower 150's.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? They've kind of been in my rotation ever since I had Zac (because they're comfy) but mainly just shirts, because they were also easy for nursing. Hubby said just this week that he thought I was going to have to start wearing the maternity pants soon - and as I was struggling to put on a pair of shorts, no less. But I didn't kill him because I agree - it's probably going to be straight maternity pants from here on out.
Weight Gain: +1
Movement: None yet but I'm hoping soon. I felt my other kids between 16 - 18 weeks.
Know the gender yet? We discussed this at my midwife appointment this week. We decided we are going to let it be a surprise this time. Hubby will get to announce it when he/she is born! My midwife gave me a great explanation to give people who might wonder why we are doing it that way - "Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas morning? Or a couple months before?" I love thinking about it that way.
How are your other children? They're pretty happy. I don't think Ellie has thought about it as much as Zeke yet. He told me he's happy with either a boy OR girl, but no twins. Ha! I'm just glad he's not dead set on a boy like he was last time. He also informed me tonight that we won't have to take a break during the school year when the baby is born because he can read on his own and he will help me teach Ellie. We'll see, I guess! ;)
Sleep: I can't get enough. I am sleeping at least 8 hours straight at night (most of the time) and still waking up yawning. I could probably take a nap during the day too if everyone would nap/rest at the same time.
Nesting: None yet! Although I have noticed a bit of an organizational "boost" but I attribute that to school starting Monday.

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