Baby #4 - 20 Weeks

How many weeks pregnant? 20 weeks, 1 day

Which trimester are you in? Second! Getting close to the sixth month.

Bump photo:

How big is baby? Baby is now the size of a banana! :)

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Pregnancy symptoms: More belly growth which I think is causing some muscle/ligament pain. Also some digestive issues which aren't fun but oh well.

Belly Button - In/Out: Still in. I've actually never had my belly button pop out during any of my pregnancies.

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings have kicked in majorly. Nothing crazy...just lots of random things: ice cream, chips & salsa, fruit, chocolate chip cookies. Only big issue is that I want to eat a LOT. (Like a whole BATCH of chocolate chip cookies!) But I also don't want to gain too much weight during this trimester so I've been trying to limit them.

Sleep: Sleep hasn't been so great the past week or so but it's not really pregnancy-related. Stress and some general insomnia.

Nesting: A bit. I've had the urge to nest but have been too tired to do much about it.

Maternity Clothes: Of course. :)

Weight Gain: Not sure. I'd guess a gain but haven't weighed myself recently.

Movement: Lots. Usually when I've sat down after being up for awhile. Or after eating. Lots of little fluttery movements and perhaps a very small kick or two.

Gender: Still unknown. I initially thought girl just because...well, I don't know why. My husband has so far had girl, boy, girl, girl would make sense. And I just had a feeling. But my pregnancy has been VERY similar to my other boy pregnancies and husband said I haven't been sick enough to have a girl. So of course he's going with boy. My best friend also has a feeling that it is a boy. My Gramma "knows" that it is a girl. I am thinking boy but still maybe leaning slightly towards girl. :)

Dad & Other Kiddos: When Zac was sitting on my lap one day this week I told him, "Mommy's got a baby in her belly!" He raised one eyebrow and looked from me, to my belly, me, to my belly...then laughed like I was a crazy fool. Hmmm....good sign or bad sign?!

Best moment this week: Discussing a nickname for the baby with my Facebook friends/family. I am tired of saying "it" or "he or she" every time I refer to him/her. So I asked people to weigh in on their favorite. I also provided the other kids in-the-womb nicknames: Zeke was Rump, Ellie was Baby Bee, and Zac was Little Man. Some suggestions: Jelly Bean, Baby Bean, Peanut, Snowbaby, Beanie, and Baby Jedi. :) Most creative award goes to a lady I used to babysit for with the name "Addmore" - combining my maiden name and husband's last name, along with "adding more" kids! I also then remembered "Stormageddeon" from Doctor Who and I think that one might stick, at least for me. :)

Looking forward to: Rescheduled midwife appointment. I was supposed to have my monthly visit today but somebody went in to labor so we had to reschedule. I suppose that's a good reason! ;)

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