Baby #4: Week 22

How many weeks pregnant: 22 weeks on Saturday (meant to post this then but forgot!)

Which trimester are you in: Second. And I'm now officially in my sixth month of pregnancy! Wow, that seems a lot closer to the end than I was thinking.

Bump photo: No bump photo this week. Next one is at 24 weeks I think.

How big is baby: Baby is now the size of a papaya!

baby development

Pregnancy symptoms: Growing/stretching stomach muscles = not fun belly pain and burning feelings around my belly button. I've noticed it more when picking up Zac or carrying him around. I have a UTI right now and that's not much fun either. I had one during my pregnancy with Zac that was pretty darn awful so I'm trying to head it off before it gets worse.

Belly Button - In/Out: Still in. I've actually never had my belly button pop out during any of my pregnancies. This answer is the same every week....maybe I should just remove it!

Cravings/Aversions: Random things still. I asked hubby for pizza the other day from this place we got pizza the other night (it was great pizza but I was just joking) and he very lovingly brought me home one. :) Well, not JUST for me. I didn't eat a whole pizza, I promise. I probably only considered it.

Sleep: Meh. Hit or miss. I've been having to get up to pee more and that irritatingly interrupts my sleep cycle.

Nesting: Quite a bit actually and that surprises me because it doesn't usually hit me until further on in the pregnancy. I spent pretty much all yesterday cleaning my living room, organizing, decluttering, and doing laundry. I've been experiencing a compulsive urge to straighten and organize things, even like I'm just riding along in the van. Or in the store. I've been finding myself neatening up shelves!

Maternity Clothes: Yep, yep.

Weight Gain: At my midwife visit last week I discovered I had gained ten pounds since my last visit. TEN! That seems crazy to me. Although, it wasn't a month since my last was more like seven weeks because of scheduling conflicts & things. I am measuring right where I should be, though and according to this chart I'm right on target so I suppose it's not a big deal. It just seems like a lot!

Movement: Lots! Fluttery movements mostly still but I've had a good strong kick here or there.

Gender: Still a surprise of course. I decided to go ahead and make one of those predictor things so people could have fun guessing though. You can go guess HERE.

Dad & Other Kiddos: Doing well. Zeke has been giving me silly/random suggestions for baby names like Taco and Brian. I've also noticed that he's been referring to the baby almost exclusively as "he."

Best moment this week: Midwife visit was good! Hearing baby's heartbeat is always special. I recorded it this time too so I could share!

Looking forward to: We are scheduled to go in for an ultrasound with my midwife's OB backup towards the end of this month to check on development. No concerns or anything, just making sure everything looks good. I haven't had any ultrasounds for this pregnancy. And I guess I kind of just felt like all the other kids had at least one ultrasound so this one should too. Is that silly? Oh well. I'm looking forward to it (seeing baby is always fun!) but am also a bit hesitant because I'm afraid they're going to tell us the gender by blurting it out or something. I'm going to make sure and say ahead of time we don't want to know - and then just reiterate that, I guess. So next time I post about this I'll probably have an ultrasound picture to share!


  1. Love the new blog look! :) Excited for your appt. Hopefully they don't spoil your surprise!


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