Babywearing 101

Over the next six months or so, I'm going to be blogging a lot about babywearing! I'm going to have posts from myself and other guests who have vast amounts of knowledge about the different types of carriers, ways to use them, and why we babywear. I'm also going to have some informational posts showing how we've made babywearing work in our family, along with some step by step picture posts of how to carry properly. (And some funny ones about how not to carry!) We'll be learning all the lingo too - you'll soon know what a FWCC and a SSC are and how to tell if a carrier is a "crotch dangler" or not. Confused? Don't be! Just stay tuned. And while you're waiting, I'd love to hear if you are already a babywearer and what your favorite carriers/carries are!

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