A Zac Filled Update

I know my blog has mainly been filled with pregnancy updates recently so I thought I'd spend a little time before the new arrival gets here talking about each of my other kiddos. Today - Mister Zachariah!
  • Zac is growing by leaps and bounds. He's almost two now (next month!) and weighs around 30 pounds. He's walking, running, and climbing, getting taller and his hair grows a billion inches a month.
  • He has had an explosion of words and sentences over the last four months or so. He talks all day long and repeats a lot of things. One of his most used words recently is "NO" unfortunately, even sometimes when he means yes. So I've been trying to emphasize to him how to shake and nod your head.
  • The other day he brought me some of Ellie's pretend food and tea cups and I (pretending to eat & drink) said, "Mmm! This is delicious!" And he parroted back, "Mmmm! Dis is Dishes!" He also sings the Batman song whenever he sees him: "Baman....na na na na na na....baman!" Another favorite is "doggie doggie doggie Wooee doggie Wooee!" (Our dog's name is Woody.)

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  • And speaking of talking, he really seems to be "getting" what I'm saying. If I ask if he wants to go outside then he runs to the door, he knows the kids names and will look for them, he knows what his shoes are, and what different animals say. (Well, most of them anyway. A lot of them growl, according to him.) He was watching a show with Daddy the other day that was talking about chimpanzees and he very distinctly said, "chimp!"
  • He'll be having his second birthday not too long after the new baby arrives! That's crazy for me to think about so...moving on! *crying in corner*
  • He had a somewhat serious accident a little while back where he smashed a lightbulb into his finger but recovered just fine. Since then we've been calling him "Hulk Baby." He's very strong and can destroy things quite easily if given the chance! 

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  • The constant use of "NO" and the "Hulk Baby" incidents have clued me in to the fact that Zac is beginning to experience a bit of the Terrible Twos. Have you heard of Honest Toddler? It's a hilarious blog/Twitter account/Facebook feed that reminds me a lot of my little guy. The other day this status came up in my feed: "I could use my words but jumping up and down while screaming just feels right." And my reply was, "This sounds a lot like the young man who is taking a nap right now. He did this earlier when I wouldn't let him feed the dog a bag of Cheetos. Maybe he's actually updating Facebook as Honest Toddler & I only *think* he's sleeping..."
  • He still loves his pacifier. I've been trying to only let him have it at naptime/bedtime but he finds them around the house (his stash!) and still takes them occasionally at different times during the day. (I also kind of hate to try and make him give them up, then have the baby arrive, and have him think the baby took them away or just end up reverting back to them anyway.)
  • He's obsessed with trains. My midwife has a rather large train table in her office and at my visits he spends the entire time at it, driving and playing. I'm in another room just off the main room for my appointments and I can always hear him going, "Shoo, shoo....shoo, shoo..."
  • He thinks there is a baby in his belly too. :D He'll pull up his shirt, point at it, and say "baby!" I don't think he gets it completely but he does understand somewhat that momma's lap has gotten significantly smaller and that there is SOMETHING in there. I don't think he'll be too bad with the new baby but expect he will probably need some TLC regardless.

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