Summer Style 2015

Summer is coming! Can you believe it? Surprising, it felt a bit like summer already last week here in the midwest! Speaking of summer - let's talk summer style! I have dark brown hair that has a little bit of natural wave to it. It's VERY thick and a bit coarse. I got it cut short not all that long ago - almost chin length - for summer. (And new motherhood!) However, I think I may get a touch up here soon and try out bangs again. I had them last summer and really loved them. Plus, several people told me they made me look younger and that's always a good thing, right? Ha ha! (The pictures below are of my most recent haircut - before & after - and then my haircut from last summer.)

As far as color goes, I haven't dyed my hair in quite I could probably do with a change! I tried out Madison Reed's Hair Advisor which helps you find your perfect hair color. It gave me several different suggestions for summer according to my current hair color, type of hair, my skin tone, etc. Madison Reed is a company that provides in-home hair color (and other healthy haircare products) with super long lasting results! Their hair dye selection page is VERY comprehensive! My favorite pick from the Hair Advisor was Trieste Red which is a deep reddish mahogany brown. It seems like just the right touch of red (not blaring fire engine or anything like that) and I think this would be easy to transition into.

Here's a styleboard I made with a typical summer outfit for me. I try to stay cool and casual as we have a lot of different activities going on with the kiddos - baseball, 4H, summer camps, etc. So I chose a long chevron stripe skirt, sci-fi tank, colorful flip flops, a bandana hair band, and of course my giant diaper bag. :) I think the hair color above would really go well with this outfit!

Summer Style

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! What's your summer style like? Are you thinking of trying any new hair colors or styles? Also, check out the infographic below on how to easily transition your hair color from winter to summer!

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