Vintage Villains Con 2015

My oldest son, youngest son, and I recently attended Vintage Villains Con. Vintage Villains is a comic book store located in downtown Danville, Illinois. They carry a wide variety of different items related to pop culture, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, super heroes and video games. I've visited there several times with Zeke to get cards for his Doctor Who game and it was (for me) like a geek girl paradise. I grew up near Danville and I so wish this would have been around when I lived there. If you're ever in the area, you must visit!
So anyway, they held "Villains Con" this year for the first time and we really enjoyed it. (It also coincided with Free Comic Book Day!) Some of the celebrities in attendance were: Moses J. Mosely & Theshay West from The Walking Dead, Robert Lasarado from CSI: Miami, nip/tuck, and Death Race; wrestler Al Snow, writer Tony Bedard, and the Volition Games Team from Saint's Row. We got to meet all of them and chat, or we at least stop by their booth and say hi.

It was a really great first con for my son as it was on a smaller scale and he's not a fan of huge crowds. He chose to wear his "Eleventh Doctor" cosplay so I wore my TARDIS dress and we made up a Stormageddeon onesie for the baby! I loved the low-key atmosphere and how we could easily browse around, and go in and out as needed. We had lunch outside, picked up from the one of the food trucks that was set up there. I drove my stroller around with the baby and everyone was super friendly. The traffic began to pick up as the day went on but it still was very manageable and not over-crowded.

In addition to the celebrity appearances, there were also other local celebrities and vendors set up, costume contests, and different game tournaments. We especially liked the Minecraft brownies we got from Newb, The People's Nerd! So cool. I also heard there was a pretty great after party with live music and entertainment! I wasn't able to attend it, but maybe next year! Huge kudos to VV for putting on a great con. We will definitely be going again next year.


  1. I love your Stormageddon onesie!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have so many friends who would have LOVED this whole day! I would have enjoyed it too, but I don't think I would have the appreciation (or knowledge!) of it that most attendees probably do. :) I think it's great that you and your kids have such a strong shared interest. I'll let you in on a secret I keep from my daughters: I don't actually find princesses very interesting. Someday we'll find something we all love :)


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