Baby #5 - The Halfway Point

How Far Along: I was 20 weeks yesterday with baby #5! We've reached the halfway point. (Or pretty close to it, depending on when baby decides to arrive.)

Baby's Size: Baby is banana size! 10.2 ounces and 6.5 inches approximately.

Weight Gain: I've honestly not been paying attention. At my appointment this month (towards the beginning of October, so around 16-ish weeks) I had actually lost almost 10 pounds. But that's pretty typical for me in the first trimester. And according to the midwife's measurements, I was measuring ahead!

Clothes I Love: Last pregnancy, I just had a maternity clothes yes/no question...and that's kind of boring. So I figured this time since I've basically been wearing maternity clothes for the last two-three years, I'd instead share what clothes I'm wearing and loving. :) I've been going through my maternity clothes the past two weeks because some of my stuff is getting pretty worn, which is understandable after four pregnancies. I've been fixing what I can, throwing out the stuff that's beyond repair - i.e. un-fixable holes, excess wear & tear, etc; and donating some. I've been trying to figure out what I need to replace and where I can get good deals. I have lots of tops and sweaters but I need to invest in some more skirts, a pair or two of jeans, some black pants, and maybe some yoga pants. I took advantage of Pink Blush Maternity's clearance sale going on right now and ordered a maxi skirt and tank top that will be good for layering. I'm going to keep an eye on sales and just try to replace things slowly, when I can.

Sleep: First trimester, I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep all. day. long. And that is par for the course. Second trimester, I've felt better but this past week I've been having trouble sleeping, mainly because I've been feeling short of breath.

Cravings: Crunchy things and sweet things. And just random stuff - like bagels. First trimester, I didn't have much of an appetite. Now I'm feeling like I could eat fifteen meals a day. But I'm also having a LOT of aversions which leads to my next question...

Aversions: Lots of things honestly. I can't eat fish of pretty much any kind. The smell of it alone makes me feel ill. Fried stuff doesn't always agree. Pizza is iffy, and I LOVE pizza. Fast food is hit or miss. It seems like I can't eat spicy stuff (even mildly spicy) after like 6 PM or I'll be up during the night, sick. Apparently this baby wants to be a vegetarian or something.

Physical: My belly is starting to round out a bit. I've got some "leftover" tum from the previous inhabitants so it took a bit longer to actually show this time and not just look frumpy/fat. My face always breaks out during the first trimester and I think it's finally starting to clear. I've just recently started to have shortness of breath, probably due to growth.

Emotional: Oh emotions. They're such an interesting part of pregnancy. With this being my fifth pregnancy, I feel like I can better judge now when I'm having a rational moment or a moment of hormonal imbalance. Examples being: getting mad about something very insignificant, needing reassurance that I don't look like a beached whale, feeling like you want to run someone over with a truck over a minor infraction, weeping over something that's just mildly sad, and so on. However, just because I can recognize it easier doesn't mean it's disappeared. It's easier to deal with but still very prevalent when there is a hormonal spurt.

Baby Movements: Here and there. It's very fleeting though and I can't wait to get further along because that is one of my favorite feelings.

Gender: We don't know. Last baby was a surprise and that was a lot of fun. I'm feeling an intense need to know but it'll pass. If hubby can stand it, I can too! ;) My gut feeling says it's a girl. (For reference, I've had boy, girl, boy, and boy.) However, this pregnancy has been very similar to my other boy pregnancies so that makes me wonder. I did the Chinese gender predictor thing and it said girl for whatever that's worth. :)

Looking Forward To: Next midwife appointment, more baby flutterings and kicks

Things To Do: Finish filling out my informed consent paperwork, start taking inventory of our birth kit supplies and evaluate what we are going to need to pick up, and make an appointment for an ultrasound.

Next Appointment: November 4th (next week!)

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