BlogMore & 31DaysToClean - Day 2

Today's focus in my Blog More, Work Less class was about being reader-focused and publishing content people actually want to read about. So I thought about my content - a lot of it is focused on my family and things that interest me. I'd like to do some more relevant/shareable posts on helpful things for readers: tips & tricks for moms, "top ten" type posts, homeschooling how-to, etc. Those are fun and I definitely have ideas for them - some draft blog posts started, even. But on the flip side of that, I don't want this blog to become a place that's just me shilling things and begging people to share my stuff. I've seen far too many blogs go down that road - ones who share their posts every five seconds on social media or who make everything from their kids to their love life all about their blog and the products they're selling or people they're advertising for. But I think a balance can be found. So I think the take away from today is to write what's on my heart and what interests me, but also to plan and write relevantly.


Day 2 in 31 Days to Clean was a mix of good and bad. I had glanced at Sarah Mae's blog ( to review the challenge which listed it as the microwave and fridge. I figured I would read the scripture/devotional part in the morning. I actually never got around to it and I think it showed in how my day went. (In other words, not so well.) I also noticed that the ebook I have has different challenges than what are listed on her website - an older version maybe? - so I'm taking a day off from 31 Days tomorrow to clean the dresser as listed in the ebook for day 2 and to catch up on a few other things. Anyway, I definitely learned today that the Mary Challenge is just as important as the Martha, especially where attitude is concerned.

My morning/early afternoon project was the microwave. There were a lot of crumbs and stuck on stuff inside, and some grime on the top. It's not 100% done (because I had a little trouble getting the roof of it clean) but it's a vast improvement from what it was.

The fridge was my afternoon project for when the baby napped....except he didn't nap. So I just had to do it in spurts, which is easier said than done with four children. (Hence why I was still working on it when hubs got home from work!) I took out all the drawers and shelves, scrubbed them in hot soapy water, dried them, wiped down the inside and door, took everything out, threw out expired/old stuff, and then put everything back in nice and neat. Below is a before and after of the door when I took the front part of the shelves off - I honestly did not realize how stained/messy they'd gotten because there's always bottles and jars stacked up there.

And a final picture of the whole fridge! (I had already taken out the top drawer in the "before" picture but you get the idea.) It's much more orderly and shiny now. I'll see you back here tomorrow for a catch-up day on the cleaning challenge and Day 3 of Blog More!

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