BlogMore Day 3 & Cleaning Catch-Up

Today's focus in my Blog More, Work Less was about scheduling time to blog. The worksheet to do today cracked me up a bit when it talked about not working longer than a 4-5 hour stretch at a time. As a stay at home mom with 4/5 kids - soon to be 3 under 3 - 2 of which I am homeschooling, a household to take care of, and other duties I don't think I'd ever have have the opportunity to blog for 2 hours, let alone 4-5. Unless maybe I didn't sleep! However, I understand what was being said. So I sat down to look at my schedule - day time is pretty much out for writing/spending time at the computer. That has to be relegated to early morning or late evening. Other tasks like social media, planning/thinking of ideas, etc. I could do during the day from my phone while nursing the baby or while the kids are eating/involved in some other activity. So I'm going to plan to work maybe 30 minutes of a morning and 30 minutes of an evening at the computer (maybe 45 minutes if time allows) to start out. And then 20 - 30 minutes split up during the day for the other tasks which I can do from my phone.


I took a break from 31 Days to Clean today (see yesterday's post for more on that) to get caught up on a few other pressing tasks. I made a list of things to do and although it didn't go perfectly, the kids did help and we ended up finishing almost everything on our list. I found some things that helped the kids to clean faster and more efficiently so I may have to write up a post on that when I get a chance!


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  2. I guess it is kind of comical to think of a 4 hour uninterrupted stretch of work! When my kids were homeschooling, 30 minutes was a good thing and an hour was bliss :) Love your plan!


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