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I know I've been a sporadic blogger for the past...well...awhile. Time management seems to get more complicated the more kiddos I have. And of course there are stages where I simply choose other things over sitting down to blog - i.e. sleep in the newborn stage, etc. You know, survival! However, blogging is something I really enjoy doing and writing is one of my favorite hobbies so I signed up for the SITS "Blog More, Work Less" free class. Today's lesson was about evaluating how much I actually spend on blogging activities each week. This is interesting because it doesn't mean just writing out a blog post - there's also editing, emails, social media, etc. Here are my answers to the activities worksheet:
I am spending too much time on: wasting time on Facebook. I'm doing a LOT better with this but I find that if I keep the app on my phone, it is WAY to easy to start scrolling and browsing. And then I end up wasting 15-20 minutes doing nothing.
I am not spending enough time on: planning and writing.
I would like to spend more time on: I'd *like* to spend at least 15-20 (perhaps 30) minutes each night, maybe in the early evening on research, editing, writing, and posting. (Or setting up posts to publish later on in the week.)
I spend just the right amount of time on: I think I'm pretty good about sharing posts. I don't feel like I over saturate my pages/accounts but I have gotten pretty efficient in setting up the auto-share to Twitter and Facebook, and sharing on other places.


In other blogging news, I am going to be redoing and finally finishing up several blog series that I never saw through completely, to completion! First up - 31 Days to Clean! I just recently saw that the book will be getting an overhaul next year which is pretty exciting. I've started this challenge twice actually (here and here) and only ever finished through the first two weeks. So how about we finish it FOR REAL?! Today is "Begin the Kitchen" day which I already got a bit of help on over the weekend from my mother-in-law! She scrubbed my stove while hubby and I were gone to a movie and it is SPARKLING clean. According to the book, we are supposed to evaluate our cleaning supplies and see if there's anything we need and make a cleaning mission statement. I'm pretty set on cleaning supplies, other than I'd like to get some gloves. And as far as mission statements go, I'm going to refer to the last one I made (with a few additions) because it's still very relevant: Myself and my family will thrive better in a cleaner house. Our family is growing and I want to spend less time cleaning and more time with them. I want to be more organized, have less stuff, be able to entertain, and have more time for other things.
So now I'm off to load up the rest of the dishes, clean off the desk, and wipe down the counters. See you soon!

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