Why I Homeschool: IAHE Blog Hop

For about two years now, I've been a a part of the IAHE Social Media Team. What is the IAHE? It's the Indiana Association of Home Educators - it's a not-for-profit organization that supports and encourages homeschooling families, and puts on a yearly homeschooling convention in Indianapolis. But it's not just that - it's also made up of people (many of them homeschooling parents themselves) that help protect the homeschool freedoms we enjoy here in Indiana. They stay up to date on the laws, talk to politicians and government officials, and keep us all updated through their website, emails, and various social channels. I am very thankful that they do this and am glad to be a part of their Social Media Team.

So, a little bit more about me for those who are unfamiliar - I'm Shay. I've been married for ten years and live in the cornfields of West Central Indiana. I am blessed to have 6 children - 14 year old stepdaughter, 10 year old son, 6 year old daughter, 2 year old son, 10 month old son, and a surprise that will be arriving sometime in March of next year. :) I am currently homeschooling two of those kiddos (with a toddler and baby tag-along) and it is wonderfully chaotic, to borrow the title of this blog! It can be very challenging (especially with multiple little ones) but it's also very rewarding. I learn right along with them sometimes! 

We homeschool for a multitude of reasons. Years ago when I first began looking into it, I wasn't really sure and didn't know a lot about it. After much prayer and lots of research I felt like it was what God wanted me to do. I like the personalized education my children get from homeschooling - we can spend more time on the things that are challenging for them and work faster through things they already understand or find easy. They get to learn through a variety of different environments and activities - not just book work, at a desk, in a classroom. They learn life skills and spend more time with their family. Homeschooling provides more flexibility for our family and our schedule. We enjoying socializing with kids of all ages in our local homeschool groups. And we get to take lots of fun field trips! :)

So back to the IAHE! I'll be participating in several blog hops in the coming months that have to do with IAHE and homeschooling. Conference registration is now open for the 2016 IAHE Home Educators Conference - click here to check it out! It looks like it's going to be a really great one with some fantastic speakers. We've been in the past and really enjoyed ourselves. Be sure to check out the IAHE Facebook page and Facebook discussion group for lots of good homeschooling information, discussions, and news!

Come and meet the IAHE Social Media Team!

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