2015: Looking Back

One of my blogging friends mentioned this week that the 2015 highlight type of posts are just that: highlights. They show about 20% - the highs and lows, the good and bad, the things that were awesome this year and the things that really sucked. What they don't show is the other 80% that makes up the majority of our time - the real life "stuff." With that in mind, I started writing about this year and decided to make this a two part post - today's post, 2015: Looking Back and tomorrow's post, 2016: Looking Ahead.

First off, I opened up my 2015 goals post to review them and see how I did. As 2014 drew to a close, I was hugely pregnant and we had just acquired a new furry family member. I was working on completing my doula training. I was also halfheartedly preparing to have a late arriving baby and really there was no reason to get too crazy...I had plenty of time before he/she would get here! HA!

2015 GOALS

- Have a new baby sometime in January. (EDD is January 17th but I tend to go over. However, I've been feeling recently like I may not go over as far as I have in the past. Time will tell.) We are planning a homebirth so hoping everything goes well with that too. Accomplished! We had a wonderful homebirth and Hezekiah Samuel was born EXACTLY on his due date. That was a HUGE surprise. I had predicted that he was a boy and finding that out after he was born was another sweet little surprise. He is currently 11 months old, getting ready to celebrate his first birth in just a few weeks.
- Find a groove with our new little one and help everyone to adjust well. Ummm....accomplished? Ha ha ha ha. I don't know. I wrote about this a little bit this year. But then we got pregnant again a few months after Hez was born so that changed the groove up yet again. I find this goal pretty funny now because I don't know that we'll ever "find our groove." I think we just plug along and do what works at the moment! Zac tolerates Hez pretty well. They have their moments pretty often since they're so close in age and since Zac is so rough & tumble but I've just come to accept that my house is not going to be quiet for awhile.

- Stay connected with my husband. This has been an interesting year for our marriage. We did not use the date night box I made for the year. We did have date nights here & there but I would say we've probably had less than in the past. Our relationship has changed somewhat with the new schedule that husband has started working. Our family feels more like a connected family unit since we're all basically on the same schedule now but we've also had some rough moments too adjusting to a new baby and then another pregnancy, along with work and home life changes. We celebrated ten years of marriage.

- Be a more intentional, heartfelt friend. I'll be completely honest and say it outright: I sucked at this. I know that "being busy" isn't an excuse but a lot of times it does keep me from checking in with people like I probably could/should. I didn't blog about it but I lost some friendships this year from disagreements, misunderstandings, and other not fun things. I also stepped down from a leadership position in a group. I don't know that it was the right thing to do but I do feel freer because of it. It has been a hard year for friendship/being social and when things get hard, I tend to draw inward and not really express or share how I am feeling because I don't want to burden others or cause conflict. However, on the positive side of things: I also made a new friend this year and helped in her transition to homeschool, discovered a wonderful MOPS group, joined the MOMYS online forum, and participated in more activities with a few close homeschool friends.

- Get through the rest of the school year successfully. Well, we did it. It was hard but we made it and everyone survived! We started a new year of school and things have gone pretty well. I've not written about our homeschooling much this year but that's mainly because it's such a challenge getting through all our work with the little guys making messes and exploring that I have to use my free time for writing for other things.

- Sell our old van. Done!

 - Lose some weight. Good thing I mentioned that "I wasn't going to fret about this one too much" because of my body adjusting to the new baby. Ha ha ha ha ha! I didn't lose a big amount of weight like I did when I had Zac. The basic baby weight and *maybe* a tiny bit more. I got pregnant a few months after that so my body is basically just like, "Ah, I see. This again." I have not gained a ton of weight this pregnancy but I've definitely not lost anything.

- Daily Bible reading (of a morning, I hope) and more prayer. Well, I did better at this. I know that I did not read my Bible every morning exactly but I did improve. I've said MANY a prayer this year! I've also changed from being a Children's Church helper at our church to being a teacher. I do the Children's Message once a month and teach the lesson. Our church doesn't have a huge amount of children going there right now but I really enjoy this.

- I don't know that I'm going to make any specific blogging goals this year outside of blogging at least twice a month. This was a good goal and I met it for the most part. I would of course like to blog more but it just didn't happen this year with the kiddos. I took a blogging class that was very helpful. I'm also a member of the IAHE Social Media Team so those posts have been fun to write as well.
 - Carve out some more time to spend on my Etsy shop. I actually ended up closing my Etsy shop for this year. We instead just focused on making them for a few local events.
- Receive my doula certification. Done! This was a very exciting moment for me. All the studying and paperwork and reading were done and I was (am) a Certified Doula! I have been a speaker at a few places and participated in a few events but have not been able to attend any births this past year because of my schedule/babies. I am somewhat disappointed that I haven't been able to do more with this but at this point in my life we just can't work it out.

Those were just the highlights. The other 80% were our everyday:

- Trying to work out a routine for the kids and the household that would actually work.
- Celebrating birthdays, visiting with grandparents, hosting Thanksgiving at our house, taking field trips to local museums and parks.
- Correcting homework, reading books, coloring pictures, doing puzzles, trips to the library for piles of books, and spelling words.
- Doctor checkups, dentist checkups, midwife visits, and trips to the grocery store. Cleaning up messes, folding laundry, picking up toys, vacuuming and sweeping.
- Splashy baths, messy feedings and dinners with vegetables that no one likes; tucking little people in at night, turning off Zeke's light yet AGAIN, and endless nights of trying to get the baby to please please please please go to sleep.
- Getting sick from basically anything I eat thanks to this wonderful growing baby. But that's okay, because the end result will be good. :)
- All the other "little things."

In tomorrow's post, I'll talk about our upcoming year, the things we're looking forward to, and our goals for 2016. Enjoy your New Years Eve!

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