Baby #5: 30 Week Update

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Baby's Size: About the size of a cabbage - approximately 15.7 inches long now and around 3 pounds.

Weight Gain/Growth: I haven't gained a lot this pregnancy but I also haven't been keeping very good track of it either. I have been measuring EXACTLY though. At my 30 week appointment, I was measuring right at 30. The last two pregnancies I was generally a little ahead up until the very end.

Clothes I Love: For Christmas, my husband bought me several new pairs of maternity jeans/pants and I am loving them. It's so nice to have some new things. I also have pulled out all my long sleeve maternity shirts and sweaters since colder weather is here/on it's way. And of course pajama pants are very much acceptable and welcomed when I don't have anywhere to go. :)

Sleep: I've been pretty tired for the past few weeks but that also could be attributed to the baby & toddler sleep situation - they've been waking each other up and having some rough nights here and there. As I'm getting further along, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep so I'm finding that I have to physically wind down and/or exhaust myself before bed or I won't sleep fully.

Cravings: Ice. I think I dealt with this during another pregnancy as well, I just can't recall which one. An article I was just reading said it may mean my iron is low. Something to check in to. I'm also super into crunchy food right now - chips, celery, pretzels, etc.

Aversions: Still having lots of aversions to different foods or just randomly getting sick from different things that usually don't bother me. Ugh. I've gotten a bit better at avoiding them though.

Physical: My belly is protruding quite a bit more now! And I seem to be carrying it different than I have the last two times. I have felt very cumbersome and kind of uncomfortable in general recently which I think has to do with baby's positioning. (At my most recent appointment this past week, baby was head up/feet down!) I have just started feeling those intense urges to clean and organize the house - which should please my husband - and luckily I can still do most of those things for the moment. Lots and lots and lots of heartburn. I've had a few little issues here and there at my appointments but really it's been a very healthy pregnancy overall.

Emotional: Emotionally, I feel kind of like I've been a wreck. I know I've been snappy or grumpy about some things that probably were not a huge big deal. I can recognize it which is good but am not so great at halting it. I've been dealing with panic/anxiety type things that I've not shared much about and they suck. Greatly. I've also been feeling a lot of trepidation about labor and delivery which seems silly to me since for one, I am a doula and for two, I have done this four times previously. And thinking ahead to having three children under three also fills me with quite a bit of fear on how I will care for everyone. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly being hit with all these fears and worries. Still exploring that and trying to figure it all out, but I know it will work out for the best.

Baby Movements: Lots of movement! Most of it is at night but he/she also loves to kick up a storm while I am eating or directly after. During the day I think I'm on the move so much that either I don't notice as often or he/she just spends a lot of time sleeping. :)

Gender: I have very strong feelings that this baby is a girl. I have had strong feelings each pregnancy and I've always been right thus far. However, we still do not know. I am going for a very general ultrasound next week and am terrified they're going to blurt it out. I'm planning on just doing what I did last time and basically yelling at them as they come in the door to not tell me what it is. Pretty sure they may have thought I was insane but it kept baby's gender a secret. :) (Although I'm going to the appointment by myself so it's going to be VERY tempting.....)

Looking Forward To: Ultrasound appointment!

Things To Do: Finish taking inventory of my birth kit supplies, work on some freezer meals, home organization/cleaning, get baby newborn/0-3 month clothes out of storage, review some of my birth books

Next Appointment: Ultrasound appointment next week and then next midwife visit is the first week of February.

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