Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers

With soon to be three under three kiddos, it goes without saying that we use a LOT of diapers. I began exploring the idea of cloth diapering several years ago when I had my second child and a friend of mine mentioned it. I didn't really start doing research though until I got pregnant with my third child. I thought cloth diapering involved pins and folding and nasty stinky diaper pails. I also couldn't imagine how you'd deal with the dreaded dirty diapers! Surprisingly though, I found out that things have changed a lot over the years. For one, I couldn't believe how long disposable diapers take to break down and how many resources we use to make them. I also didn't realize how modern cloth diapers had become with cute and stylish prints, easy to use buttons or velcro, and so many different kinds from cheap to pricey.

My experiences with cloth diapering have been very positive! I tried out different kinds, got the details & how-to's from an experienced friend, and eventually found a routine that worked for us. It was great to know that I was helping out the environment and saving our family money. Now I don't ALWAYS use cloth diapers, sometimes life just gets busy and we do revert to using disposables. And even when I'm using them full time, I still have disposables on hand for when we're out and about - but I do feel that every little bit helps. Fix recently contacted me about sharing some information on Green Diaper Basics and I love the way they worded it: "Babies are hard work, so nobody is going to judge you if you sometimes run down to a drug store to pick up an easy bag of disposables to keep your baby clean and dry. However, it is easier than ever to look beyond the old disposable, and we hope this guide will give you inspiration." I hope the information below will be helpful to you if you're debating whether you should look into cloth diapering or not!


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