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If you haven't seen the new Star Wars movie (and are planning to) you should not read this post. I was going to just assume we're past the point of spoiler warnings by now BUT I'll go ahead and give the benefit of the doubt. I hate when people ruin things. So I am putting everything under a jump break. But just in case you get this in your email or have stumbled upon it some other way, I'll say it again:


Ok, you've been thoroughly warned! Click below to read my review. :)

My husband, my Dad, my eldest son, and I went to see the new Star Wars movie the weekend it came out. We had a good time and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. (For reference for my new readers/viewers, I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a tiny human. I've written about Star Wars several different times on this blog.) I was initially kind of worried because from the rumors and stories I was reading in the news it seemed like this movie might be either taking some strange new direction I wouldn't like or becoming part of the Star Trek universe. I was pleasantly surprised, however. I like how J.J. Abrams mixed new with old in the film and the setup he's given for future movies. Here's some more in-depth thoughts on the good, bad, and meh of the film:

Good Things:
- I really liked the new characters of Rey, Finn, and Poe. They seem to fit right into this universe and I'm interested to see more of their backstories and learn more about them in future movies.

- BB-8 is a cute new droid. Nobody replaces R2 but I liked him regardless.

- The old characters fit in nicely. They all seemed (to me) to be pretty true to the original films and what was set up with them there. Han Solo and Chewbacca really "made" the movie for me.

- The throwbacks to previous movies (crashed Imperial ships on Rey's planet, chess on Millennium Falcon, people having a "bad feeling," Han trying - badly - to talk his way out of incidents, etc.) were not cheesy and I loved that. It felt wonderfully nostalgic without trying too hard.

- Plot holes or unexplained characters/circumstances. This is somewhat irritating, but not necessarily bad thing. I assume the majority of it will be addressed in the future films. You don't want everything just revealed immediately in the first movie - that wouldn't give us anything to talk about! So this is not necessarily a bad thing.

- One of the characters I was most looking forward to seeing - Luke Skywalker! - was only in the last few minutes of the film. It felt like a little bit of a letdown to find him and then have the movie end. BUT I know we still have more movies to go and there has to be stuff in them too.

- Phasma was another character I was really looking forward to seeing. Kick butt, in charge female with wicked cool armor? Yaasss, please! However, I feel like she (surprisingly) fell very flat and that she didn't get a whole lot of screen time. I'm hopeful we'll see her again in the future movies. 

- Anakin/Luke's lightsaber is given to Rey during the film from the mysterious Maz. From what I've gleaned from the Ever Wise Internet, this is what happened:
"Luke Skywalker lost the lightsaber in a duel with Darth Vader in the Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Vader cut off Luke's hand at the wrist, and the hand (still holding the lightsaber) fell down the air shafts of Cloud City. The lightsaber was then recovered by a scavenger. The details of how it got from the scavenger into the hands of Maz Kanata are murky, but we do know that her home on Takodana is relatively close to Bespin, so it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to come across it randomly." (source)

This seems highly improbable to me since Bespin is a gas planet but again, I'm assuming future films will explain it better or perhaps give us some more detail.

- Han Solo dying SUCKED. I could something being set up from the very beginning of the scene with his son but it was still quite a shock. I understand why they did it - or at least I think I do - I was just really bummed to see him killed off.

- The movie felt rushed in parts. It felt like in certain sequences they were trying to fit too much into one movie, that certain things got glossed over in a rush for time. (But that might just be something they're going to get to in the future films.)

 - The new villain Kylo Ren/Ben reminded me a bit of Anakin when he started turning to the dark side...but much more emo and weaker. I mean, yes, he kills his dad which is pretty darn evil but overall I felt like his character came off pretty weak. He does definitely have power but you can tell that he has not completely channeled it or learned how to use it. His whole premise of "finishing what [Darth Vader] started" seems kind of weak as well since in the end Darth Vader did something for good. Which leads me to believe that perhaps he does not know all of Darth Vader's story - which would make sense since the only people that were there are dead, other than Luke.

Anyway, I highly enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to the future ones!

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