A Plague Upon Our House

My kids usually miss the stuff that seems to circulate around in the fall and winter - the colds, flus, infections, etc. They get the occasional illnesses of course and we have had some rough times here & there, but for the most part they're normally pretty healthy. For the past two weeks however, we've been in a battle against bugs. And I don't mean creepy crawlies!

It started with my eldest son - the weather was super warm, turned cold again, and in a few days he had a runny nose and cough. It didn't seem all that bad though and didn't slow him down any so I decided to just wait it out. We skipped out on a few different playgroups/classes just to be safe but he wasn't too bothered. Then the two littlest guys both got snotty noses and started coughing. I figured they'd picked up their brother's cold but their snot output kept increasing, their coughs were persistent, and the baby started sounding like it was settling in his chest, so off to the doctor we went. They were both diagnosed with upper respiratory infections and got a whole fleet of meds to go along with it. Then later on that weekend, my eldest son seemed to be getting more run down. Last Monday, he said it was starting to hurt to swallow. My husband had also started feeling bad and developed a terrible hacking cough that was keeping him up at night so they both headed off to the doctor. Our son tested positive for strep throat and husband had bronchitis. So they began their medicinal regimens.

By Monday of this week, I was thinking we were in the clear. Our littlest guy acted kind of fussy at our co-op group but I just chalked up the fussiness to teething. I noticed he had a bit of a drippy eye that evening but thought he might have poked it when he & his brothers were playing. Then Tuesday morning when I went to get him out of his crib he looked like this:

Poor fella. He's been so cheery for having such a crazy looking eye! His eye was completely matted shut and his eyelids were red & swollen. So off we went to the doctor again! He declared it the worst case of conjunctivitis he'd seen in awhile. NOT what I wanted to hear!

So anyone want to guess what's going to happen next?! The kids and I have been busily cleaning and trying to rid the house of any lingering germs. Hopefully this is the end of it all, especially since my due date is drawing ever nearer!

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