Baby #5: 35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Baby's Size: 

Weight Gain/Growth: Weight gain is slow and steady. I am still measuring right on target for where I should be, week-wise.

Sleep: My kiddos have been sick the past week or two so my sleep hasn't been great. Hez (the newly one year old) is hard to get to sleep but once he does finally go to sleep he usually sleeps pretty well. Within the last couple days I have gotten a touch of their congestion/cold so I have been waking up a lot stuffed up or with a snotty nose. (Bleck.)

Cravings: I mentioned on my last update that I was craving ice and was concerned my iron might be low - I went for a visit with the OB and he thought it might be as well because "I looked very pale." (I hate to tell him, that's just my natural look...) Anyway, the midwife checked my iron levels and they are fine. I have been craving sweets recently - cookies and chocolate and ice cream and all sorts of things that aren't good for me!

Aversions: There are certain things I just cannot eat this pregnancy and I've learned to avoid them - it's slowed down somewhat but I occasionally slip up and then have an upset tum.

Physical: At my last ultrasound (more on that below) we found out baby is head down now (yay!) so I'm feeling much less uncomfortable than I was. People keep saying I look like I've dropped already but I think it's honestly just that baby flipped and got into the right position so I'm not "poked out" as much as I was before. It's definitely harder getting up off the floor but I suppose that's to be expected! 

Emotional: Emotionally, I'm still up and down quite a bit. Feeling better about the birth but still able to cry at the drop of a hat and worry about really stupid things. What can I say....crazy pregnancy hormones.

Baby Movements: As I said, we found out baby is head down now (yay!) so the movements have changed up somewhat. Still very active but a lot of high kicks or side kicks if I'm laying on my side. My friend even got to feel a tiny foot poking the crap out of ribs the other night!

Gender: We had *two* ultrasounds since my last update and we have successfully found out.....NOTHING about the gender of the baby! (Muhahaha! Tricked you there for a second, didn't I?!) The ultrasound technician zoomed in to that particular area (right after I told him we didn't want to know!) but I looked away. I still have my gut feeling of girl but several things have also kind of made me wonder - lower heartbeat, measurements, etc. We shall see!

Looking Forward To: Home visit with the midwife and "birthing team" next week! My birthing team consists of friend/doula, husband, grandparents/babysitters if needed, and possible photographer.

Things To Do: I got my birth kit all ready to go! I still need to get the baby clothes out and am working on a routine for the house to hopefully keep it relatively clean. I've started reviewing my books on birth again. I would like to review the visualization chapters some more and also work on prettifying my "birthing nest" - i.e. my bedroom. I printed off some beautiful affirmation pages that I'm going to decorate and was thinking about trying to string some Christmas lights. I also need to get another curtain.

Next Appointment: Next week! Then we'll be going back in two weeks, and then once a week after that.

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