Hezzy Sam's First Birthday

Let's pretend like I am a good mother who posted this on her child's actual birthday - January 17th - and not (gasp!) February!

My sweet Hezekiah Samuel turned one last month and it has definitely been a whirlwind year. We had a very small party just with some of our immediate family and he greatly enjoyed himself. He's such a smiley boy and just started taking his first tentative steps the week of his birthday. He's a little bit more needy than his brothers - similar to his sister Ellie's personality when she was a baby - but is always up for a cuddle. He made the switch to formula around ten months when I started having supply problems due to my pregnancy but I am grateful that he got to nurse for as long as he did. He made a relatively quick transition to bottles and is now working on cups with straws. He loves pretty much all types of food. He eats whatever we're eating, in smaller or smushed form. He loves soft blankets and his favorite toys are his Mickey guitar and blocks. He's a little smaller than his brothers were at this age but I think that's just another area he takes after sister in. His little personality keeps coming out more and he's so curious about the world. He's not the world's best sleeper and certainly has kept me pretty tired this pregnancy but for the most part he's pretty easy going and takes things in stride. Happy First Birthday, Hezzy Sam!

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