An #AddisonAcademy Update

When I had two kiddos, I was able to sit down more often and crank out great blog posts about what we'd been up in our homeschool - things we were learning, activities I had planned, crafts we'd get the idea. Now with five (one of them currently a newborn) I find that I am fortunate to get to blog a couple times a month...and occasionally it's about homeschooling! :) I'm also finding that Instagram is much more easy for me at this stage in life - I can snap a picture, share a couple thoughts on it, and BAM - I'm done. (If you're on there, feel free to send me a follow request!) However, I had a few moments today and thought I'd share how our homeschooling has been going.

We started our school year back in August. We've switched up some of our curriculum. I added in a few workbooks I picked up here & there. We are LOVING Story of the World. It's a really great History curriculum and I love the variety of activities it has. The kids finished up Book-It and Zeke has really impressed me with the amount of books he read each month. (Isn't it so funny that I used to worry about him not being able to read...and now I have to tell him to STOP reading sometimes???) Zeke didn't care for the Math program I had picked - it just wasn't a good fit for him - but he's now using and loving Khan Academy. I like that it updates me on his progress & that he's becoming more independent. Ellie is also doing some independent computer work - she's been using Starfall and Reading Eggs to practice her reading and phonics.

And speaking of independence, I've been trying to work with both the older kids on being more self-sufficient at their schoolwork and doing some things around the house - helping with meals, independent chores, etc. Not that I don't want to teach them or expect them to do everything around the house, I just want them to be able to work on some things independently - especially since we're at a point in time where my hands are very full, very frequently. I'm finding this difficult to be honest with you but I know it's a work in progress.

We participated in a small co-op group made up of a few local families and have done a book club, art class, LEGO Club, and a few other activities. We also joined a larger co-op group in a neighboring town and have really enjoyed it. We've just been referring to it as "school" because it reminds me a bit of a "mini-school." The kids arrive at 8:30 and assemble in a large room, listen to announcements, and then say the pledges to the American flag, Christian flag, and Bible. Someone prays and then the kids head off to three hours of classes, which they LOVED. Zeke took a class on Presidents and another on Building With Legos, and then he had a free hour (the other classes were full) which he spent either doing one-on-one work with me or visiting with friends. Ellie took Sea Animals, World Cultures, and another class on Animals. (Which is great because one of Ellie's current obsessions is animals!) They've both learnt SO much - presidents are one of Zeke's favorite topics still and Ellie always came home telling me about the different countries around the world and their customs. I helped in the nursery room and was a fill-in for other helpers as needed. Today was our last day of the semester and the kids are already looking forward to the fall!

I'm pretty happy with how our homeschool year has gone. We've gotten "behind" here recently but I feel that's understandable, given the new baby. Husband and I are preparing to go the IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) homeschool convention this weekend and I'm really looking forward to hearing the different speakers and seeing all the different vendors.

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