#AvoidTheOops...And Don't Forget the Diapers!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart. All opinions expressed are my own.

I like to consider myself a pretty experienced mom. But sometimes during your pregnancy or when you have a baby you get what's called "mom brain." You have so many things to remember (when baby last ate, how long she slept, all of her birth details that everyone always asks about, times of practices and appointments for the other kids, etc.) that your brain just kind of lets other things leak out. For me, they're usually things my husband asks me to do via text when I'm in the middle of something with the kids. (Sorry, honey.)

I hear that baby brain is supposed to clear up. But it seems like I keep having kids and getting more forgetful. Don't get me wrong, I remember a LOT of stuff. But sometimes the little things slip by.

And then you leave one afternoon with a few of the kids. Your husband is at home with the others and you're feeling good, enjoying your day and not worrying. Suddenly, you receive a text. It's your husband saying, "WHERE ARE THE DIAPERS?" Oh no. Didn't I check that....I thought there was....wait...OH NO! When you've got three kids under three, you use a lot of diapers and training pants...and to hear that surprise, you're out of them...that's not good news! (Yep, this actually really happened to me! Just ask the husband.)

Nobody likes that terrible sinking feeling when you realize you've forgotten something! It makes you feel just awful, like you're a terrible mother. But, guess what? There is hope!

I recently learned about #AvoidTheOops from Walmart. Walmart wants to help you save time, money, and your sanity. You can shop for all those things you need in bulk from the comfort of your own home and then have them shipped right to you. No more runs to the store in the middle of your day (or night!) because of a forgotten item! You can just click and voila, there's a gazillion diapers right on your doorstep! (Ok, maybe not a gazillion and maybe it's not instantaneous...but you get my point.)

I tried out AvoidTheOops.com and had fun ordering some of our essentials. The shipping was super fast and shopping was easy peasy! I like that you can sort it by the types of items: bathroom, baby, cleaning, etc. We're currently stocked on diapers but we're in the midst of potty-training so I made sure to get Easy-Ups and a giant box of wipes. (And the Easy Ups have Thomas on them - a big win in our Thomas-obsessed household!) We use wipes for everything - I honestly keep them in pretty much every room so I don't have to go hunting for them. And of course with multiple kids and potty-training comes more laundry, so I stocked up our regular detergent.

Check out AvoidTheOops.com today to stock up on your everyday essentials...and don't forget the diapers!
And hey faithful readers, before you go: can you make me feel better and tell me an "oops" moment that you had?!

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