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When we first started homeschooling, each day I'd write down what I did with Zeke in a notebook. A few years ago, I decided to start using a planner to keep better track of assignments and school work. I bought one online that turned out to be very big and bulky - it had SO many pages I never used that it seemed wasteful and made me feel terrible for not being the perfect Type-A Homeschool Mom that fills in every single blank. The next year I tried a simple teachers planner from an office supply store. It however was made for a classroom-type setting and I was again left over with tons of useless pages and blank spots on my assignment pages. The next year I tried cobbling one together myself from different blogs - it was frustrating and the pages were much too "busy." This year I bought one on Amazon that I'd read many reviews of - it said it was simplistic and easy to use...yeah, it was TOO simple. There's just not enough space to write out my kiddos assignments. I will still be able to use it as a day-planner type book for appointments and such, but it was a disappointment as a planner!

Anyway, I realized that there is no one perfect planner because each mom's students and homeschool methods are different. I decided that the only way to get a planner the way *I* wanted it was to just make it myself! I read a couple blog posts from people who had made their own planners and began sketching out what I wanted. And voila!

In Indiana we are required to school 180 days so I left a blank at the top to write down what day we are currently on and a space to put the date. My two older kiddos each have their own Math, Language Arts/Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting books so I made individual spaces for those. Everything else they do together so I made boxes for all those things, with an extra one for anything else that may come up. And my preschooler has a big space at the bottom just for him! I've printed out a bunch of these and hole-punched them into a slim binder.

After making that one and seeing how easy it was, I thought I'd make up a couple more versions for my friends and blog readers. I've made several different ones that can accompany from one up to five children. You can mix and match them around however you want though to meet your family's individual needs! They are also completely editable in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other word processing software - you can add in your own subjects, student names, etc.

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*If there is interest in this, I'll make some more planner pages with different configurations and maybe some other different types of forms/pages!

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