#30DaysofTula Giveaway

I love babywearing. Baby carriers have made my life so much easier. After Elizabeth was born, I invested in a different kind of baby carrier I had not previously used called a Tula. I was hesitant at first because of the cost but after trying on a friend's, I was hooked and began saving my money. It has become my absolute favorite go-to carrier. In my doing my research on Tulas, I discovered Abby's Lane Store. They just announced a HUGE giveaway that will be running for the next 30 days. I thought some of you readers might be interested - I'm entering it myself! Read on to hear what they had to say:

"Fans, we have something HUGE to announce!
We are getting ready to kick off a busy season of releases and exclusives, and to help celebrate, we are launching our biggest giveaway EVER in the history of our store!
#30DaysOfTula starts today, with your entry link below :)

-We are giving away 30 Baby TULA carriers, one each day starting today through October 22nd.
-We are using one rafflecopter to collect all of the entries, BUT each day will be a specific print and size as the actual prize. 
By entering the rafflecopter, you are entered for all 30 prizes.
-If you are selected as our winner, you cannot win further prizes
-Shipping address must be in the USA
-No exchanges on size or print, no cash value is attached to these prizes, and you cannot earn points by accepting the prize
Click below for full details, and watch every day for the newest prize post!

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