Curriculum Choices: 2016 - 2017

Another school year is upon us! We had our official "back to homeschool" day and we also just recently started our co-op classes again. This year is a little busier with multiple little ones but the adjustment hasn't been too bad. Here is more on our curriculum choices this year and other things we are doing.


Ellie - Second Grade
Math: Singapore Math 2A
Spelling: A Reason for Spelling Level A
Handwriting: I Can Write Manuscript from Christian Light Education
Reading/Phonics: Reading Eggs, Reading Street, and I See Sam (Update: We also added in a Scott Foresman Second Grade Reading text.)

Zeke - Fifth Grade
Math: Math 5 from BJU and Khan Academy
Spelling: Building Spelling Skills - Book 4 from Christian Liberty Press
Handwriting: I Can Write Cursive from Christian Light Education
Reading/Language Arts: Zeke is reading chapter books that he & I are discussing. I have been finding quizzes and questions online for him to do. We've had good luck using the quizzes on Book Adventure's website. (Update: After we started our year I realized I had not gotten him any Language Arts/Grammar workbooks so I corrected that by adding Learning Library's Reading, Spelling, and Grammar - mostly using it for the Grammar & LA sections.)

Zac - Preschool
I bought Zac a Wikki Stix Alphabet set at the homeschool convention and he loves them. I also picked him up several reusable sticker books and general preschool workbooks. He's enjoying Letter of the Week preschool activities - I'm not following the schedule exactly because he's still quite a wild man but I have prepared some of the activities/worksheets ahead of time to have for school time.

Zeke & Ellie
Money: The kids are going through The Secret of Handling Money God's Way. The lessons cover many other topics as well - art & crafts, Bible, reading comprehension, etc.
Science: We're using The Human Body from Answers in Genesis and some supplemental books I've picked up here and there on the body. Once we finish that (probably next semester), we'll be moving on to plants/trees/flowers.
History: This semester we are going to be finishing up the Story of the World - Volume 1 and moving on to the second Volume.

Class Action Co-op
This semester (September - December) Zeke is taking US Presidents & Government, Indiana History, and General Science Experiments. Ellie is taking World of Animals, Health, and Art. Zac is in the preschool class which has a Farm theme and Hezzy is in the toddler class. Betsy and I will be in the nursery mainly. :) We will be participating in field trips with the group.

Update: Spring Semester Classes - Zeke is taking US Presidents & Government and Indiana History again - both were two semester classes - and he's adding in Baking/Cooking. Ellie will be taking Music Appreciation (which I will be teaching!), Food Art, and Physics. Zac is continuing in Preschool, Hezzy is in the Toddler Class, and Bitsy Bets will be in the nursery.

Homeschool Chapel
We also occasionally participate with a smaller group that has a once a month chapel time - the kids gather together at the church to sing some songs, pray, listen to a missionary lesson and Bible-related message, and play games. We then follow that up with a field trip or park time.

Sports & Music
Zeke played baseball this past summer and Ellie is currently in soccer. The kids know the barest basics of piano playing but Ellie has shown a lot of interest in doing it "for real" now and has been dutifully practicing each day for about 20 - 30 minutes with me.

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