Murphy's Law For Big Families

(I originally shared this on my Facebook page - it got quite the reaction so I thought I'd share it here as well!)

Murphy's Law for Big Families: Everything that can happen, will the same time.

It all started with a simple text.
I got a text from my husband while I was folding clothes asking me to look for something for him. No problem, I can do that real quick so I don't forget - because with five busy kids, I frequently forget little things. (Just ask my husband.) Then I need to feed the baby because she just woke up from a long nap.
As I walked into the living room to find said object, I saw the 1 year old sitting in just his diaper.
I wonder how he got his pants off, I thought. Then I saw it.
Yep, he was playing in poop. I whisk him off to the tub and ask my oldest to watch him while I clean up the living room quickly.
Suddenly my daughter who was doing the dishes yells, "Mom, the sink is leaking!" I run in to see an ocean of water cascading over the kitchen floor. 
So I now need a mountain of towels, a mop, AND poop cleaning supplies.
As I run to get them, I notice the 3 year old systemically taking each clothing item I had just folded out of the basket and making a giant pile on the floor...which he was then proceeding to jump in.
Oh, and the baby is not content to wait on me to feed her - she is now screaming full volume.
At least she and the three year old are not covered in poop or standing in a pool of water, I guess.
I'm proud of myself - I don't panic or start drinking. I deal with each thing head on. I delegate tasks. We clean, scrub, disinfect, bathe, pick up, and mop. I nurse the baby and tend to everything as best I can under the circumstances.

Husband then texts me: "Nevermind, it was in my car!"


*And because someone mentioned they didn't know what Murphy's Law was (gasp!) you can read about it HERE.

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