Easy & Cute Pregnant Pumpkin Halloween Costume

If you are pregnant this Halloween and looking for an easy and cute costume, I've got you covered! I did this a few years ago and it was so simple. (Which was great since I was exhausted!)

First things first: your supplies. You will need:

- an orange t-shirt
- a pencil
- a permanent marker, like a Sharpie
- a large book, piece of cardboard, or something else big & flat

After getting these items, you are simply going to sketch a very basic pumpkin face onto the shirt with your pencil. Since I'm not the world's best artist, I Googled "jack 'o lantern outlines" and found a TON. PumpkinLady.com has some great ones. I printed one out and used it as a guide. I got a large, flat book and stuck it inside my shirt to keep it nice and smooth while drawing.

After sketching out the outline, I simply filled it in with my black marker. I let it dry for a few hours and then voila! I added a pair of black leggings and flats and voila, my costume was complete. It was quick, easy, and I actually got quite a few compliments on it!

If you end up using this idea, please share your pictures in the comments!

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