Day 7 - Dealing With Digital Clutter

This is a post in my 30 Days of Minimalism series.

Facebook notifications, multiple emails, newsletter subscriptions, Pinterest pins, downloads, website opt-ins...are you feeling overwhelmed with online "clutter"? Try some of these minimizing ideas:

Too many pings and dings coming in on your phone? You do NOT need all those notifications on your phone. Go through and turn them all off, except the ones you absolutely need. (For work, family, etc.) Put your phone in airplane mode at night or set it up to only put through calls that are urgent, whatever settings will help you unwind and recharge.

Too much email? Try and unsubscribe from all the newsletters and mailings that are clogging up your inbox. Try not to postpone things when you're checking your email - think decisively: Is this something I can take care of now with a quick note? Does it need filed? Do I HAVE to keep it?

Too much stuff coming through on your Facebook feed? If you're seeing too many posts or ones that aren't relevant to you, just unfollow or hide them. You can tweak your settings to see the things that are most helpful to you. You can also sort people and pages into different types of lists - Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, School Buddies, etc. Don't feel bad for un-liking pages you're not interested in or don't find relevant. (Same goes for Twitter and other networks.)

Too many pictures, documents, or files? As far as pictures go,  I know the feeling. I take soooo many pictures of my kiddos. One easy fix is to download them and then sort them into folders, then tackle a little each day. Make a list of ones you want to get printed/emailed/etc. and compile them in a way that works for you. Set aside a little time each week (maybe an hour on Saturday or a half hour after work on a week night?) where you can delete and purge the unneeded items on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Too much connectivity all together? This is a problem for a lot of people, myself included. As fun and helpful as some of these social networks are, they can also be highly draining and addictive. Set time limits and have times where you put it all aside, turn everything off, and just BE. The world will not stop turning just because you're not on Facebook. I regularly take social media breaks and highly advise others too as well.

Of course, the best advice I can give is to stay positive. Clutter is overwhelming, overbearing, and just generally makes us feel horrible. Rest in the knowledge that any progress is good progress!

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