Review & Giveaway: Legging Army Leggings

Update: I have removed my previous review of Legging Army Leggings. I am no longer an affiliate with Legging Army - or am in the process of it since I cannot find a place on their website to remove myself. I've put in several emails and am hoping they take care of it soon.

Unfortunately there were repeated issues with my customers orders - fit issues, shipping issues, etc. I think this has improved as the company has grown but when I first started it was a huge issue. 

I also found that the quality was not as I had expected. Although the first couple wears were fine, the other "big box store" leggings I had compared them to in my original post are are still going, with no rips or tears - while the LA leggings ripped upon the 4th-5th wear. A family member bought a pair that didn't fit them and they passed them along to me - they ripped the first time I wore them. (And they were slightly bigger than I normally wear!) 

If LA works for you, that's great! Sometimes people have different experiences with things. I just don't want to be deceitful and keep a post up that I no longer agree with, especially one with affiliate links. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.


  1. These look great! I normally buy Faded Glory and would live to try a new brand.

  2. My favorite print is probably Jungle Book

  3. I like the Monarch Escape Capris!

  4. I love the razzle dazzle print!

  5. Just received these and ran in them today. I really like these. I have quite a few pants, I do a fair amount of running and I'm very happy with the price and quality of these. I sure have paid a lot more for comparable ones. Great workout gear for me.

  6. Are there any thicker or fleece lined leggings?

    1. Yes! Legging Army offers fleece and fur-lined leggings. I personally love the fleece!


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