Year In Review

- I started out 2016 by writing about my goals for the year. I won't rehash them all here but I did pretty well overall. A few went completely by the wayside (stick to a cleaning schedule and potty train stick out pretty glaringly!) but honestly I wasn't feeling too bad re-reading them - have a baby, quality time, MOPS, cons, etc. - those I did pretty well with.
- We went to see Star Wars and I wrote a review of the movie. I loved it!
- Hezzy Sam celebrated his first birthday. Zac turned 3, Ellie turned 7, Zeke turned 11, and Jazmyne turned 15 but I'm a slacker mom and did not get around to writing about their birthdays. 😨
- I wrote one of my favorite funny posts - 10 Things That Happen in the Last Days of Pregnancy. I think it's worth a read, especially if you're super pregnant and crazy like I was when I wrote it. 😁
- A month before Betsy was born everyone got sick and was dying. Ok, that might be an exaggeration. But it did suck.
- Our little Elizabeth Rose was born at the tail end of March. We had another successful homebirth and she has been such a joy.

- I wrote a lot of different product reviews (this one was one of my favorites) and participated in the IAHE Blog Hop. We also attended the IAHE homeschool convention in Indianapolis and had a GREAT time! Husband, Betsy, and I went together one day and the next day he came up and joined me when he got done with work. We picked up a lot of curriculum and listened to great speakers. I also got to meet an online friend I'd never got to meet in person. I actually never wrote up my thoughts on it! Is it too late to do that?! Sigh.
- I turned 30 and shared a bunch of stuff I've learned.
- Although I've not done a super great job with it this go around, I wrote a post on cloth diapering vs. disposables - the pros & cons, costs, benefits, etc.
- Our summer was pretty darn busy. Zeke finished another season of baseball and his team won the championship. Zeke and Ellie both enjoyed 4H - Ellie went to day camp, Zeke had an entry in the state fair, and they had a fun time attending two different local fairs. Shortly after we took off for a family vacation to our family reunion in Nebraska. It was a long drive but we all survived - our hotel room was fabulous, we enjoyed time at the beach and visiting some favorite stops, and had a pretty good time overall really.
- Zeke, Betsy, and I attended Vintage Villains Con again and had a fantastic time. It was a lot bigger than it had previously been and we got to meet one of the gals from The Walking Dead. We didn't dress up this time but are definitely planning to next year. And speaking of dressing up, we had a super fun Halloween too. I finally got to be Wonder Woman (a dream of mine for awhile, haha) and we went to several area events at the library & downtown that the kids really enjoyed.
- I shared the best ways to help a new mom. I've had lots of experience in this area the last few years...I also shared my Super Berry Breastfeeding Smoothie recipe. Soooooooo tasty.
- Hezzy had some medical procedures that weren't a lot of fun but we FINALLY got them taken care of. (Nothing serious, just a dermatological issue.) Here's hoping we won't have to do that very often. Zeke also had his yearly checkup of his bone tumor (which I don't know if I've ever blogged about that either! Gaaah! Look for that in a future post.) and nothing had changed - good news!
- I started reading and learning more about minimalism. This is an ongoing thing and I hope to apply it more to our lives in the upcoming year. - Our homeschool co-op group started up again in September and the kids enjoyed their classes greatly. I wrote more about it and the homeschool curriculum we chose for the year HERE.

- I shared about how I still suck as a mom sometimes and how I don't know everything.
- I wrote about my journey of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and supplementing. I hope it helps someone who is struggling or just needing a little encouragement with their feeding choices.
- We had a busy Christmas and the kids got way too many things. We had several different celebrations with different sides of the family. Betsy was baptized on Christmas morning which was really special.
- We found out we were expecting baby #6 (7 kids total) late this fall. We waited a bit to announce it and I actually never announced it here *officially* on the hey, guess what? 😁

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