Pregnancy #6: Week 14

Figured I'd start the new baby updates again. Some day in the future when the kids are like "Mom, this baby book doesn't have much in it..." I'll have to tell them to come here. 😉 Or maybe I'll just print these all out and stick them in their baby books. That's not a bad idea...

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Baby's Size: According to the Geeky BabySizer, this wee one is now the size of an original 1977 Star Wars action figure!

Weight Gain/Growth: At my first appointment last month right before Christmas I had not gained any weight.

Sleep: The first trimester sleepiness was definitely a killer. In the car it hits the WORST. I am not generally someone who sleeps in the car but during pregnancy it's like some magical sleepy button is triggered and I zonk out.

Cravings: Not really too many yet. A few things here and there. Sweets mainly. I haven't been very hungry.

Aversions: I've been sick some but really only a handful of times. Aversions to a lot of things though - lots of things seem to make my stomach do flip flops. I haven't been very hungry and I keep busy at home so sometimes I won't eat until later and that seems to exacerbate the nausea. (I should know better but the kids keep me hopping.)

Physical: We're just out of the first trimester! Hard to believe it's already over. Not really many physical changes yet.

Emotional: Emotions have been pretty crazy. I've been keeping them in check for the most part I think but the crying and irrational thinking (nothing crazy, just silly things) have definitely been a bother.

Baby Movements: None yet.

Gender: We do not know and are not planning to find out.

Looking Forward To: Next appointment. I always enjoy visiting with our midwife.

Things To Do: Lots but we have plenty of time so no "to-do lists" yet. 😊

Next Appointment: Towards the end of January.

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