I originally started writing this post around the time of our ten year wedding anniversary. However, life happens. We've been pretty busy the last couple years - having 3 babies under 3 and more on the way has kept us on our toes. As we approached our twelfth anniversary this month though, I figured it was better late than never, right? For our tenth wedding anniversary, my parents babysat for us - Hezzy was born in January so he was just around two months old. We dressed up, went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant, spent some kid-free time talking, and enjoying delicious food.

I figured up some facts regarding our ten years of marriage at that point in time - how many days, hours, and minutes we'd spent together. I won't share the letter I wrote (because it's private) but seeing all that time spelled out in different ways was pretty amazing.

For our eleventh anniversary, we celebrated early on Valentine's. I was due with Elizabeth right around our anniversary & we figured we would be busy so we decided to go ahead and celebrate ahead of time. We went to a different restaurant and then enjoyed a late night coffee together. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves greatly.

This year we went out to eat at the restaurant we went to for our tenth anniversary - do you see a trend here? I suppose. But really, who doesn't like to go out and be treated to a nice dinner where you're not jumping up and down to get the kids refills or spooning out more food onto hungry boy's plates or cleaning up spills? A night where you just get to relax, talk, and remember for a second that you are two unique, individual people outside of your children and your job?

I know he doesn't like to be put in the spotlight but allow me to wax poetic for a bit:

I am incredibly blessed with a man who tells me that I'm beautiful or gorgeous. I got to thinking about this the other day and realized what a wonderful thing that truly is. Especially the days when I am *not* beautiful. You know, those times that he comes into the house after being away at work all day and it's been a ROUGH day in the Addison house. The days where the boys have been climbing the walls or when we've been blessed with a brand new baby. The days where I'm un-showered, wearing a milk stained shirt with crumbs on it and baggy pajama pants, my hair is like a birds nest, and I'm not definitely not wearing any makeup. Oh yes, that happens sometimes.

I appreciate that he is a responsible man. He doesn't go out with "the guys" and trash talk his woman, he doesn't spend all night playing video games, he doesn't ignore the kids and me to watch sports all Sunday. He goes to work every single day, and he works hard for this family. He takes our boys for haircuts. He plays games with the kids and takes them places. He fills up my van with gas. He asks me if I need something while he's out and about.

He's supported all my endeavors, even if he had his misgivings about it. I joined a group once that was NOT the right fit for me. He had a feeling from the start but let me join anyway to figure it out for myself. He's never really batted an eye at any of the choices I've approached him with for our family from breastfeeding to homeschooling to homebirth.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get overly sappy. I don't want you to get the wrong impression and think that we are "RELATIONSHIP GOALS" like the kids say now. (I'm hip! I can dig the lingo, haha.) We both have made big mistakes. We've dealt with negativity, criticism, and downright cruddy situations. There's been moments where we both were ready to walk out the door. We still disagree on things, have arguments, and bicker. We both get "hangry" and snap at each other. We take each other for granted, aren't appreciative enough, and say things we shouldn't. But we work through it and press on and try to do the very best we can with what we have.

Regardless of the difficulties, I am immensely thankful every single day of my life that I clicked "open" on a chat window with a stranger. And what a stranger he was! No, I'm kidding. I look forward to the years to come and the adventures that await us.

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