Keeping Memories With Keepy

Disclosure: I was given a Keepy account in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Perhaps I'm just a sentimental softie...but one of my favorite parts of parenting is the crafts and creations that my kids make just for me. At our homeschool co-op the kids attend classes and every week they bring me handprint keepsakes, glitter encrusted artwork, paintings, worksheets they’ve completed, and other crafts. And at home they love making things too - cards, drawings, comics, get the idea. I'd love to display each one of these creations but that's just not possible. However, there is a way for me to keep them all and show them off.

Keepy is a really fantastic app that helps you keep your favorite memories organized - it's helping me to not only hold on to all those wonderful mementos my children have created but to also minimize the amount of “things” I have to actually physically hold on to! And in addition to that, I can easily share their lovely projects and art with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends!

With the Keepy app, I simply snap a picture of the creation - say a painting - and then select which kiddo did it. (Each one has their own little profile with picture.) I can then have the child record a message or video about the project, add a date and title, and more details. I can also tag it with specific hashtags - holiday, homework, milestone, craft, etc. The gallery is private and only available to those I add via email address. Family members and friends that I add can comment or add video/voice comments on the children's artwork to let them know they like it. And another plus - Keepy has a very simple interface that's easy to use...especially good for family/friends that may not be very into technology.

Keepy is a free app downloadable within the App Store, Google Play, or on the Kindle. They offer 3 different levels of membership with different features. Everything you save on Keepy is backed up to their protected cloud-based system but they also give you the option of linking to DropBox as well. The Keepy Store offers a handy place to print photo books and other unique photo products that are perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday gifts for the grandparents, and more.

Interested in trying out Keepy for yourself? Go download it for free now and see how it can help you organize your children's artwork, schoolwork, and other mementos today!


  1. Thank you Shay for your candid review :) Happy to take any question

  2. this is so cool! I have 3 girls and there are an amazing amount of crafts you can get with one imagine 3. I sometimes hide and throw away stuff when it gets too much, I now have an alternative thanks.


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