Simple Activities Your Toddler Can Do During Homeschool

Homeschooling with a toddler who is active is quite a challenging task at times. However, one of the wonderful things about homeschooling toddlers is that is that they will be home with the family most of the time.
It is the major reason why a majority of parents homeschool their toddlers but the logistics involved demand that parents organize fun and simple activities that their toddlers can engage in so as to keep them busy.
This article strives to explore some of these activities so that parents can successfully use them in their homeschooling efforts. 
Homeschooling provides a family learning environmental that facilitates great benefits to toddlers. The following are some fun and simple activities that your toddler can engage in when homeschooling:

Snack foods

You can sit your toddler down in a high chair and give them plenty of snacks to eat like raisins, cheerios and bananas. These foods are enjoyed by toddlers the world over.
Snacking on such finger foods will serve to entertain toddlers. It will keep them pre-occupied for a significant amount of time.
This will give you adequate time to proceed with a lesson with the older children.
Collection of big boxes 
Toddlers love boxes, it is a known fact. You can pick up a variety of box sizes for this purposes. Large boxes can act as play houses while small ones can function as storage for toys.
You can keep boxes of various sizes in the house for your toddler to close, open, climb inside and generally play with as you homeschool the older children. 
Sensory bins 
Sensory bins are buckets of objects and filler that toddlers can play with. You can get sensory bins and fill them with water, rice, birdseed, craft sand or even pom-poms.
You can optionally add spoons, measuring cups and some toys. However, this activity will require you to be keen on whatever your toddler is putting in their mouth.
You can go the extra mile to create sensory bins that are theme based. Sensory bins are very exciting and are guaranteed to keep your toddlers very pre-occupied. 
Water play
You can give your toddler water to paint with. Provide them with a construction paper, a small glass of water and a paintbrush.
Alternatively, you can fill up one of the sinks in your home with water as well as some bubbles. Give your toddlers plastic dishes and a wash cloth. 
Edible finger paint 
You can provide toddlers with edible finger paint so that they can paint their table or high chair tray. However, you can add a bit of food coloring to rice cereal, vanilla pudding or even yogurt.
While the toddler is painting and smearing his or her high chair tray, you will be left free to teach other older children without much of a disturbance.
Spoons, pans, and pots 
Give your toddler spoons, pans and pots to play with. They will enjoy banging the pans and pots like drums.
The toddlers can also use spoons, pans and pots for pretend play. This will give you ample time to concentrate on the older children. 
You can tape a plain paper on a table and find large crayons that your toddler can use to color with. This coloring serves to develop the motor skills that your toddler will require to write with in future. 

Lights and magnets 
Provide your toddler with a cookie sheet and some magnet letters. This is a great table activity to keep them busy.
Alternatively, you can provide a closet and a flashlight for toddlers to play with. 

Special toys 
You can have a bin whereby you keep special toys next to your homeschool area. These special toys should only be removed out of the bin when the older children are being homeschooled.
These special toys can comprise of board books, large beads, puzzles and electronic toys.
The toddlers will be very entertained by these special toys to give you quiet time you may need for homeschooling.
The above activities can act as fun distractions for toddlers during homeschooling so as to give you ample time to teach the much older children.
They are effective and some function to develop some useful skills in the toddlers that they will use later as they develop. 

Author Bio Nancy Shaw is the founder of HiFiveBaby where she writes about common problems encountered by parents and how to deal with them, motherhood in general and FAQs about babies, toddlers and kids. She provides scientific and medical basis and also her personal experience as a mom to a wonderful toddler. Now you can explore the joy of parenthood with ease! You can also find her on Twitter.

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