Hannah Ruth's Birth Story

Our newest little one has been Earth-side for almost five months now and I'm finally getting around to writing about her birth! In my defense at the time we had her we were also closing on our new house and preparing to move...and in the months since then we've moved, been settling into our house and fixing it up, started another semester of school, and had a couple holidays. Anyway, you can continue reading below to hear about her birth:

My babies are often late. Their birth order is as follows, so far:

- First: Was actually born several days BEFORE his due date...but my OB at the time had been prepping me to have him because they thought he was going to be huge. (He wasn't.)
- Second: A week overdue.
- Third: Ten days overdue. (I had two different due dates - long story, but if we go by the other due date, he was even more overdue!)
- Fourth: Was surprisingly born ON his due date!
- Fifth: 13 days overdue!

Our sixth baby definitely seemed to be going the way of the other late ones as my due date came and went. Ten days after my due date on a Sunday afternoon, we asked my mother-in-law to watch our kiddos so we could go grocery shopping. I had been having contractions on and off for a week at least but there was nothing consistent at all. We grabbed some lunch (Mexican!) and then went to get groceries. I was still having contractions but again, they still weren't consistent. When we got home, I walked around our block with the kiddos and husband, hoping to spur them on. They continued but were very spread out.

Finally around 11 or so that night, they started getting more consistent. I took a shower (I wanted to wait until they got consistent so relaxing in the shower didn't slow them down!) and tried to rest for awhile. I called my midwife a little after 1 AM to let her know they'd gotten to be around every 15 minutes or so. She was out of town so I wanted to call her with plenty of time so we could figure out exactly what we wanted to do. She asked me if I wanted her to leave and come back - however, I knew she had responsibilities at the event she was at and we had already decided her assistant (who has been at all my previous homebirths and who I'll refer to as A) would be there. So we got A called and we put in texts/calls to our parents and my best friend.

A arrived around 2 AM - she got everything set up, checked me, and went into the other room so I could labor along in peace. My daughter woke up around this time and ended up staying in the living room with her and my parents. All the other kids slept through everything!

Everything moved very quickly. I alternated walking around the house, pacing and swaying and resting in bed on my side or sitting on the edge of the bed. It seems like each of my births goes a little bit faster than the one before it. I had very, very intense back labor contractions.

After a few particularly hard contractions, I felt very tired. I laid down in the bed and actually nodded off for a tiny bit. It felt like I was asleep for a long time but in reality I know it wasn't. I was woken up by a huge contraction - I got up to go to the bathroom and realized I was feeling pushy. I asked husband to get A and he was like, "Really?" YES, REALLY! This isn't the kind of thing you joke around about! :) She came in and checked me and I was indeed complete. I chose to do the kneeling over the bed position to give birth as I had used it previously and it had worked out pretty well the last two times.

At 4:02 AM, Hannah Ruth was born! She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 and 1/2 inches long. She didn't hardly cry at all and when she did A dubbed it a "sweet" cry. She was chubby cheeked and quiet, and although she took awhile to start nursing, she has an excellent latch and has been growing like a weed. She is smiley and happy most of the time. Her siblings are all pretty enamored with her, especially Hezzy. :) She will be 5 months old in just a few days and is a wonderful addition to our family.

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