Weight Watchers - 4 Weeks In


This year I wasn't feeling up to making goals or resolutions or anything like that at New Years. I was just feeling very out of sorts. Regardless, I dove into something I've been thinking about doing for quite some time. Years and years ago when I went to our family doctor to discuss my weight issues he told me that every year there are fad diets and trends but the only thing he knew of that's actually worked AND stood the test of time was Weight Watchers. I did Weight Watchers years and years ago when I was in High School with my Mom but the premise is still basically the same. Foods are worth points and you have a points range you try to stay in. You can do it online, go to meetings, or both. You're encouraged to set goals and celebrate non-scale victories as well.

"The new FreeStyle program makes deciding what to eat easier, encourages you to move for pleasure (not just because you "should"), and gives you the skills that help you think differently about yourself. It frees you to focus on what really matters in your weight-loss journey - nourishing your WHOLE self and doing more of the things that you enjoy." (From the Weight Watchers "Introducing FreeStyle book" - emphasis my own)

I talked to my husband and decided I wanted to take the plunge. I chose online & meetings. This is my fourth week and I plan on posting weekly or every other week about my progress.

Meeting #1: Starting weight - 216.4

This was better than what I thought it would be. For reference, as a senior in High School I weighed around 160-165. I gained some weight at college and was a little heavier, around 180. Then I started having babies and I've yo yo-ed a ton since then. The highest weight I've ever had was around 260 (yikes) around the end of my pregnancy with Hannah. That was depressing. For some reason I gain tons more with my girl pregnancies. They hate me apparently. Anyway, so 6 months out from having Hannah (baby #6) I'm down 44 pounds which is pretty cool. I still can't really tell a whole lot of difference but I'm trying to keep that in mind.

Meeting #2: 217.2 (+.8)
Total: +.8

Second meeting I was a bit depressed that I'd gained, even though it was a very minuscule amount. The meetings have been a huge source of encouragement to me though because the people there with you are in the same boat you're in - sure, you may have different life stories but you're all striving for the same type of goals.

Meeting #3: 213.0 (-4.2)
Total: -3.4

I didn't think I did so fabulous this week on eating (went out to eat at a place where everything was a billion points, had birthday cake, had more birthday cake, etc.) but apparently the stress of a teething baby melts away pounds! I also did more exercise this week so that was probably a factor.

Meeting #4: 214.8 (+1.8)
Total: -1.6

I wasn't thrilled to see a gain after last week's amazing loss but I didn't track very well this past week. I also saw something online that said "progress not perfection" and that reminded me that I'm not going to do "perfect" every single week. Our group leader also reminded us that the weeks when you're struggling are when you need to be at group - to be encouraged, to be reminded, and to have the accountability and support.

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