Koantum Science Review

This is a sponsored post - however all opinions are my own.

Koantum is an interactive Science learning platform for early learners. It helps kiddos in grades kindergarten through fifth grade learn about science on an engaging online website.

We signed up for the free account that is offered and enjoyed the lessons included. There are PDF lesson plans and worksheets that go along with the lessons. I was easily able to print out the lesson plan and base a whole afternoon around one of the lessons - we first opened up the lesson and completed it, used the key words listed for vocabulary and spelling, tried out the activities listed, printed out the worksheets and completed them, and found books (of our own or at the library) to go along with the topics discussed.

Subscriptions for the website can be paid monthly at $7.95 or yearly at $79. You can do the lessons on any type of device (laptop, desktop, mobile device, tablet) that has a browser/internet access. The lessons meet several national and state standards and is based on Next Generation Science Standards. They combine sounds/voice prompts and interactive animated images, while being self-guided. We did lessons on the five senses and the solar system but there are also a multitude of other subjects and topics like: animals, air, magnets, water, cells, the ecosystem, heat, electricity, and the human body. Check out this video telling more about the program:

Sign up or read more HERE: http://www.koantum.com
You can also find them on:

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