Guest Post: 4 Helpful Ways to Teach Kids Creative Writing Skills

1. Create a writing environment

Creative writing is something that requires a lot of practice and effort to cultivate. If you want your child to be more creative in their writing, you should create an environment where they are exposed to situations that will activate their creativity. Create a writing environment at home by keeping plenty of reading and writing materials at hand so that your child can access them at any time they wish. Get them a writing journal and ensure that they have it at all times even when they are travelling so that they can write down any experiences or anything that they may see along the way that can add some glam to their writing.

2. Give them time to be creative

Creative writing requires some time to get going. A good writer requires some time to get a flowing story to write down. The more time you accord to your child in their creative writing process, the better their stories will be since they will be exposed to more experiences, which will, in turn, enrich their ideas. Even if the child has other activities in their day, like homework and playtime, ensure that you spare enough time for them to brainstorm and get writing ideas.

3. Give them writing prompts

To encourage your child to develop creative writing skills, be involved in the process as much as possible, including giving them numerous writing prompts to encourage them to find something to write about. Give them a title, like, "once upon a time…." And then work with them as they come up with ideas that they can write about the topic. Encourage them to write about the best ideas that they come up with. In addition to this, get them a dictionary, or any other reading material that will help them come up with good and creative writing words and phrases that they can use to spruce up their writing. Get them to write down everything that they are thinking about, and then you can make edits later and create a flowing story.

4. Use audio-visual as prompts

We all watch movies and music videos and other entertainment on televisions and other gadgets, and these have a lot of interesting tales for us. Well, you can use this to your advantage whereby you use this media to help your child to develop better writing skills. Not only videos, you can also use images, where you show your child an image and then you let them bring out any thoughts they get when they see these images. These thoughts can then be put down on a notebook and then afterwards be used to write an interesting composition or story. Audio-visual media can also be helpful when a child is having trouble maintaining a train of thoughts about something they want to write about. Record what the child says or what they do, and then afterwards review the film you created to help the child retrace their steps in the creative process. Once the idea has been rediscovered, the child can then just simply work on their creative writing.

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